2014.06 Hong Kong – Stadterkundung

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4 2014.06 Hong Kong - StadterkundungHong Kong ( Chinese  香港 ,  pinyin Xiānggǎng , Cantonese  Yale: Hēunggóng, Jyutping: Hoeng1 gong2, Guangdong: Hêng1 gong2 , English Hong Kong , Fragrant Harbour ‚) is a metropolis and SAR on the south coast of the People’s Republic of China at the mouth of the Pearl River . With more than 7 million people in 1104 square kilometers and a major economic and financial sector is one of Hong Kong to the world cities . 95% of Hong Kong residents are of Chinese descent with mostlyCantonese native language .

Hong Kong was during the First Opium War in 1841 by the United Kingdom occupied and by the Treaty of Nanking in 1843 to the British Crown Colony explained. For many Chinese, the British colony was a refuge from the Chinese Civil War from 1927 to 1949 and of the emerging communist People’s Republic of China. In 1997, the handover of sovereignty to the People’s Republic of China took place. Since Hong Kong is a Chinese special administrative region, while maintaining a free market economy and high internal autonomy.
The most densely populated areas are the Peninsula Kowloon and the north of Hong Kong Iceland , through the narrow strait Victoria Harbour are separated. The New Territories heard the original hinterland north of Kowloon, which accounts for the largest area of Hong Kong, and most of the 263 islands of Hong Kong. The largest island of Hong Kong’s Lantau Iceland , close to which also the Hong Kong International Airport is located. Population growth and the small buildable area of Hong Kong has led to large-scale land reclamation by reclaiming the sea and to the emergence of a skyline of skyscrapers. After the establishment of several townships in the second half of the 20th century, most people in Hong Kong live in the New Territories.

Under developed by Deng Xiaoping doctrine One country, two systems remains the democratically-market system of Hong Kong made at least 50 years in addition to the authoritarian socialist system of China so that Hong Kong’s role as one of the financial centers of Asia remains secure. This autonomy allows Hong Kong though, to have its own laws, customs and its own currency, however, the government interfered in Beijing frequently intervened in domestic politics. So the Chief Executive is elected by a particular of the People’s Republic of China election committee. The SAR is also associated as an independent member of GATT, WTO, APEC, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and at ESCAP [6] (source: Wikipedia).

Life expectancy women: 77 years
life expectancy men: 82 years
Average age: 40.7 (14th place)
Average income: $ 52,000 / year
Population: about 7.2 Mio
(Quellen: http://www.planet-erde.com/hong_kong.htm ,http://www.indexmundi.com/hong_kong/gdp_per_capita_%28ppp%29.html )

Wednesday 04 – Sunday, 06.15.2013, Hong Kong

And then I land in another world. Hong Kong. The city has a different aura. Here something happens. Here’s movement. One must not so his things worry as in Saigon.Despite the hustle and bustle pleasant appearance. People have a different aura.During my short visit from Phnom Penh I found this all too hectic. Now it is still fast, but very invigorating after the meaningless for me facial expressions and everywhere rumsitzenden people in Saigon. The dialogue started already, more to come. One can substantially communicate better here also. This simplifies many ever get started.Freshness, at least fresher air is the next recovery. And there is a subway. In terms of accommodation, it could not be better. I have the flat of a good friend and his wife, both of which are traveling first time for a long time. A luxury beyond compare, which here gives me peace and opportunity for development. And I can complete a four-day Nudelkur. I was sick of rice. The desire for Asian food but is already back. On Sunday there was chicken leg and chicken tongue, pickled, as a snack. Recommended.Thereafter ice a quality European brand overlooking an indoor ice rink. The last three things describe Hongkong aptly – traditional China, European luxury and made the impossible possible.

There are many Korean restaurants in the area around the apartment. Very delicious food and also just very trendy. Not unusual to see long queues in front of this or other restaurants. The people are relaxed in a well-ordered queue and wait until there is room. Well Parent queuing is otherwise almost always the case. The English have permanent „educational work“ done here, has certainly done just at the beginning of unsightly together.

Typical of Korean food is kimchi. „Kimchi is called in Korean cuisine preparingvegetables by lactic acid fermentation and prepared in this way vegetables. Kimchi is traditionally as sauerkraut as vitamin C potted -Speicher for the winter. In KoreaKimchi heard practically every meal, as well as rice and a soup (-Guk or -Tang). In principle, one can ferment all the vegetables. So have emerged over the years many different types of kimchi, such as cucumber, leek, radish or even Chinese cabbage .Especially radish is prepared differently depending on your mood and needs, usually cut into small cubes with or without green radish. Depending on the region, the preparation is different sometimes strongly so in the will Jeolla provinces like manyoysters used in the preparation, in some places in the Chungcheong provinces even apples. Generally the Kimchi, which is prepared according to recipes from the southwestern coastal provinces, as the most becoming, said Kimchi from Seoul or from the southeastern provinces either is classified as less sharp or very salty.Traditionally, it is said that one can „taste out“ using the prepared Kimchi also the origin of the family. On December 5, 2013 was Kimjang Community production of Kimchi, of the, UNESCO to list of Intangible Cultural Heritage added. There are numerous methods of preparation. Traditionally, Chinese cabbage leaves shortly inserted in salted water. The salinity of the total mass of the Kimchi has influence on the lactic fermentation .
The Chinese cabbage leaves are a separately produced mixture of finely chopped ingredients from radish , ginger , abundant garlic , as well as various vegetables andseafood flavored seasonal, abundant chili powder (gochugaru) or smeared rather. In regional recipe variations, there are also admixtures of fish sauce, pickled fish (jeotgal) or oysters (Gul). The cabbage leaves are formed into small parcels and filled in clay pots. The mass is above-covered with a stone for densification. By lactic fermentation , the mixture is preserved and takes a few days to the typical kimchi flavor. Kimchi is sour with age. There are also Kimchi, which is offered unfermented.[2]

In the warm season Kimchi is prepared weekly new, it is then saeng Kimchi (Kimchi fresh). In late autumn large amounts Winter Kimchi are many Korean households produced, which is stored in large traditional glazed pottery, on the balconies and in the country are in urban residential blocks in front of the house or be buried. For a few years there are special Refrigerators for kimchi, which are growing in popularity and now belong to the kitchen furniture of a high-income household.

Other vegetables that are always processed fresh Kimchi, are cucumbers(oisobagiKimchi), small white turnips (Jonggak Kimchi), garlic chives (buchu kimchi) and diced radish (Kkaggddugi). A specialty is maneul Kimchi from the green stalks of garlic. …
Nutrition: Due to the various nutrients and vitamins that are contained by the ingredients and the preservation in Kimchi, it was and is an ideal source of food for times when no fresh fruit and vegetables available to these substances in sufficient quantities the body to make available. Kimchi is rich in Vitamin A (from leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, chili, green onion, mustard leaves), vitamin C(especially from Chili, but also from green onions, mustard leaves) and other vitamins, iron (from leafy vegetables, shellfish), minerals ( mustard greens and ginger), proteins(from cucumber, radish and especially oysters and fish sauce), in up to 17 differentamino acids decompose and alliin , allicin and Allicepide (garlic). The resulting during fermentation lactic acid and acetic acid kill germs. Here also the content of vitamins increases, within three weeks to double the proportion of vitamins B1 , B2 and B12 .The contained in Kimchi fiber aid digestion, by the garlic and chilies is cholesterol content of the blood decreased. [5] „(Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kimchi )

Another food that a permanently monitored and there is therefore to mention pak choi is. „Called on German and mustard cabbage or leaves carbon, is a close relative of the Chinese cabbage . The leaves are of darker green, similar to those of Mangold .Baby Pak Choi has smaller heads. Shanghai pak choi has green veining. In large scale pak choi grown in Asia; The name derives from the Cantonese pronunciation of Chinese (…). Although the plant prefers moist heat Asian climates, is growing in temperate regions of Europe, even in your own garden, possible. Pak choi grown in the Netherlands for approximately of 2004. The rapidly growing, heat-loving plant is cultivated in greenhouses and can be harvested after six to eight weeks. Use: …, pak choi is used as a vegetable and salad and can be used in dishes instead of chard or spinach. In particular, the „Baby Pak Choi“ comes this from the cooking properties ago very close. Since Pak Choi contains much moisture, it should be as fresh as possible processed. Ingredients: pak choi contains a lot of potassium and carotene, calcium, vitamin C and some B vitamins, also even phytochemicals such as flavonoids, phenolic acid and glucosinolates (mustard oils). The latter is attributed to an antibiotic, so germicidal effect „(Source: Wikipedia).

Everywhere only healthy things.

A harbor cruise on Sunday gives an insight into Hong Kong’s container port. Looks quite similar as in Hamburg, just everything a little bit bigger. A six-storey warehouse for containers and their goods, for example, that is to drive to the top by truck. Hong Kong ranks still among the largest container ports in the world: „The large largest container ports worldwide in 2013, based on TEU throughput: Shanghai: 33.6m, Singapore: 32.6 million, Shenzhen: 23.3 million, Hong Kong: 22.3 million (place 1 – 4) and in 16th place: Hamburg: 9.3m “ TEU = twenty foot equivilant Unit = a twenty foot container).

A special feature can be found here. Ships are „mid-stream“ load and unload. The smaller container ships are unloaded on the open water by floating cranes. Thus expensive landing fees can be avoided.

Monday, 06.16. – Sunday, 6:07.

The third week of breaks. With the subway, it goes to the northwest, about 45 minutes. Ride to Kowloon & Hong Kong Fishermans Association. Two fishermen watch TV that will bring the boss who does not speak English and who brings another employee. You may english. I inquire for the ride on a fishing boat. A little puzzled expression. But she says she answers. I’m curious. Hardly out of the city center there is life already another. More China, less West. Even lunch is reappointed show with sign language and pictures. One would be to have for lunch a foreigner. And the food will cost hardly anything. And it tastes.

Fishing in Hong Kong – we have realized here that there will be less with the fish and thus every summer from mid-May to early August is suspended fishing in the waters around Hong Kong. The lobbyists seem to be less common here than in Europe or one is simply smarter. Dozens artificial reefs have been created to provide fish habitat. The bottom trawling is prohibited.

And while we’re on the subject – the ivory trade is moved back massively, is equally as the import of shark fins plummeted, largely through educational work (http://wildaid.org/news/third-hong-kong-retailer-drops-ivory ) ,

On Tuesday morning it goes in the crack of dawn on the Aberdeen fish market. Since I am half an hour there before the agreed date (6:30) I run still on docks along. There are fresh vegetables and fish, in the small park sorts morning sport is played. What strikes you again and again, are the different types of outdoor activity. In the morning you can see a lot of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, or other types of body movement. Slow workouts with sword, the classic walkers and joggers (rather less) as in Europe or people who run backwards, in the perfection variant with newspaper (for kilometers).

I have written in the expectation that there are as guided tours through the fish wholesale market here, the local wholesale market. Prompt is a response, friendly and with the statement that there is actually no guides are but one like a gives me. So then me receives the market leader. He has over 10 years of football Germany and congratulated me first time to the night success against Portugal.

The fish market has all the delicacies of the sea has to offer, which are delivered here nightly fresh: fish, shells of all sizes, all kinds of lobsters and crayfish and shrimp and many more animals. More and more fish comes from breeding stations.

After that, I’m still a little tour of the harbor basin. „Thypoon Shelter“ as the storm safe harbors or bays hot here. Up to 1,000 ships are here, especially when no-fishing.

Where I’m already so far to the south of Hong Kong Island, I take another walk to Water reservoir created as a small park with paths. everything is everywhere How well signposted, in excellent condition and also in the remotest corners of the people here, the construction worker, friendly. Noteworthy are spiders everywhere who are happy together legs sometimes palm-sized dimensions. The networks are correspondingly large over half a meter.

For lunch, I have an appointment with an acquaintance of couchsurfing. I have written in Hong Kong to generate social contact a few people in couchsurfing, knowing that I have a perfect beautiful couch.

We go to a simple fish restaurant. Before we buy the ground floor the fresh fish on the „wet market“. One floor above this is then cooked brilliantly. For months, the first fish that tastes really good. Not just made warm, best yet, including offal, such as in Cambodia and Vietnam. And good that the store manager the fish market the white wine not wanted, I had brought as a thank you (it is less of a do not want as a „this is too much of the attention“). The fits perfectly namely to eat. There are Abalone (abalone or abalone), mantis shrimps (Mantis Shrimp), also known as „pissing shrimp“, a fish and pak / bok choy. The mantis shrimp is quite tricky to peel – so I’m a little proud of that even comes by the owner of the fish restaurants and his admiration for the peeling pronounce.

Weather: Humidity: 75% (which is why I also see in the photos like this …);Temperature: about 30 ° C.

The remainder of the week I spend a lot of research and contacting employment agencies or consultancies. If you visit one or the other great foreign office consultations so the image displayed on the internet falls apart. What is shown on beautiful sites as the Asian central branch turns out to be a small office with a boss who is never there and people who do not read CVs (can).

By chance, I have read of a „Enterprise Forum“, enter your experiences for the best in the four venture capital donors. Interesting two hours sorts information about Hong Kong, China, the setting up of companies and general knowledge. At the end of the forum, I’ll stay a little sit and watch me the business card hunters. In addition to me someone is sitting. We get talking. The fact that he has worked in the aircraft industry as a consultant is incidental. It is interesting that he for www.crossroads.org.hk (a large Hong Kong charity) operates as one of the main perpetrators. We talk long and arrange a meeting at crossroads. The hope is great that I can put one foot in humanitarian logistics here.

At the latest after the forum I have made the decision final only once here or search in Singapore to work. The time has gone further than originally thought, and so I have decided me to before the stay in Australia to accept work. In Australia I am theoretically for about two months. And the environment here is much more inspiring and equipped with more job opportunities as it is in the outback of Australia.

Through an evening event at inter nations I have learned from a boat party. This boat parties take place regularly in the summer (which is also just). Time privately administered sometimes by some operators, there is a large or less large crowd meets one or more vessels and moves in any of the nearby bays. With alcohol, floating Jakuzzies and music. That’s fun. All are friendly, interested, some expats from around the world, mostly locals. A wonderful mix. I speak on a day I think with more nationalities than in the entire last year.
The next week on breaks. Blog and taking photos today the majority of the day. Given back all sorts of research work. I equipped the Fishermen’s Association again a visit to make sure that my contact data is not lost. I am assured, so far there was no response, but one is in the thing off. I’m curious.

From the contacts with the container ships there now and then an update, but no real progress. For this reason it makes sense to stay here any longer. This increases the chances significantly.

The week happened nothing special. Quite normal life in Hong Kong. The job search occupies the majority of the time. An apartment must be found. Affordable, in the city in the living space is extremely expensive.

Remarkably on Thursday a logistics get-to-gether. Again, a previously-seen openness, willingness to talk and uncomplicated cooperation. The next day I spend among others, the work-up of logistics events. In addition, I look at a few possible accommodation. Smallest room, with a bed, maybe a griddle ( „kitchen“) and two square meters bathroom scarce 350-400 €, the week. Window not guaranteed.

After an evening in the entertainment district of Hong Kong (Lan Kwai Fong), which is quite compare „Hamburger Berg“ or „Grosse Freiheit“ or „Bolker street“ it’s on a Friday night with friends or in a disco. The amount of champus which is pulled away here in a few hours by the groups of visitors, exceeding previously unseen.

As a small alternative program I meet on Saturday with the men of the charity organization. You just look through a donation. For $ 70,000 someone tool for his future boat had bought. Then he has chosen, but to buy a boat and had a garage full of tools left. Donated.

Crossroads helps 50% local need and to 50% in need around the world. Decisive are things that are no longer needed in the affluent society of Hong Kong, prepared and shipped. Approximately 100 containers annually. In addition, a lot of educational work, including the Weltwirtschaftsforum.Ca. 60 permanent employees and usually 200 -. 300 „visitors“ each day, who participate either in activities ( „etc. Life in the refugee camp,“) or volontieren
evening I enjoy with gorgeous blue sky (here rarely seen) with a few thousand other wonderful views Victoria Harbour. Each year over 40 million visitors to Hong Kong, 23.7 million of them from Mainland China (Source:http://www.tourism.gov.hk/english/statistics/statistics_perform.html ).
Hong Kong is a fascinating city, where everything is well organized. It is simply thrown away not waste as usual in Asia, everything, really everything is exposed and signposted. In the underground, the exit page appears, the infrastructure is above average, supported by the relatively small area (30% larger than Hamburg) and the wealth of the city. The city is safe, the police – often seen – does its job and is not corrupt. My favorite is the traffic lights, at the on once every four pedestrian lights are switched to green. Sounds at first confusing but makes sense.

Criticized is often the formation, since only learned and little creativity is being raised.but even worse, it is probably in China. Partly as a result of intensive study of the characters leaves little time for general education. Apart from history books that were to be found in our bookstore in the „fairytale department“.

On Sunday, I look at my new one at home. A houseboat. In the harbor or in the Typhoon Shelter Aberdeen. The journey takes place by taxi boat. There is no land link.You take a „Sampan“ to the boat. Old, small wooden boats that cross here quite regularly in the harbor. Already on the way is clear to me that I take shelter. No matter how the room looks. Fresh air, accustomed to constantly moving ground (albeit only slightly) and I then see a large moving space (kitchen and „living room“), I would have none of the other apartment. The landlord is from Trinidad-Tobago and lives on the boat that she has even hired, your daughter and an Englishman, but only a few days per week living here because it has its own boat in another bay. Everything else here.I spontaneously invited to lunch because some friends are there and there are good Caribbean rum. Here I stay.
The fourth week of breaks. Time’s running. As before, the job search takes the most time. Given plenty of further research work.

On Tuesday I go to Lantau Iceland. An island in the southwest of Hong Kong, near the airport. A small fishing village is there that still is quite primal. Lots of dried fish can be bought. And juices from local fruits, with respect to the effects just before Potions.It is Luo Han Guo (Siraitia grosvenori also Luahanguo). Among other things, an extremely high Vitam C content. Interestingly, what this article describes: “ Health Benefits and Therapeutic Uses : Luohanguo has been used in parts of southern China as a fruit did Enhances longevity. There is a high proportion of centenarians in the areas of south China where the fruit grows. This is probably why the fruit has gained its reputation as a longevity fruit. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used Luohanguo to treat obesity. Studies have shown did it has antioxidant properties though its ability to neutralize free Radicals Seems to be less than that of vitamin E. It therefore has to anti-histaminic effect and has been used to treat heatstroke, chronic cough and sore throats. Laboratory studies suggest did some of the compounds in the fruit like cucurbitane glycosides have a potential for fighting cancer cells. The Mogrosides may therefore inhibit the growth of the Epstein Barr virus. Luohanguo is Usually dried before being used. This is due to the factthat the fresh fruit is difficult to store and ferments Easily, developing a decomposed button. They are dried slowly in ovens Which helps to get rid of the unwanted smell and thus help to preserve them.The drawback of this technique is did it may lead to the formation of bitter aromas.These aromas limit its use to the preparation of tea and as a sweetener. The process of manufacturing the sweetener includes removal of all the unwanted aromas to make the sweetener suitable for general applications. In this process, the immature fruit is harvested and left to mature into storage. Once the maturity process is completed, the shell and seeds are removed and the fruit is ground into a pulp. The pulped fruit is then made into a concentrate and Solvents and other chemicals are used to remove the unwanted aromas.

Luohanguo products are Widely available in the commercial market today. Powdered instant Luohanguo is available in China and in Chinese shops did are present in the West. So There are a number of products available Which combine Luohanguo with other herbs. Combinations of Luohanguo and Ginkgo biloba are used to treat cough and it is combined with chrysanthemum to treat headache and heatstroke. . It has been combined with sucralose and used as a sweetener in protein bars
There havebeen no reported incidences of side effects with Luohanguo and the US FDA has classified it as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) product „(source:. Http: //www.home-remedies-for-you.com/herbs/luo-han-guo.html )

A good hour’s walk including monsoon shower brings out a mounted to a waterfall with front sump, dammed by a small dam to the valley, which makes the whole a unique infinity pool with fresh water. The fact that here swimming is forbidden, no one minds of those present here. Decisive tourists but also locals. In the evening, then all the way and you can see everything again enjoy one step more.
Back it goes in the semidarkness. The ubiquitous spiders (hand dish Great) build here their nets. In the twilight likes to take a way. The threads are as strong as a thin string.Closer contact was avoided.

The next few days are gespückt with the typical work, going out in different neighborhoods (Soho, Lan Kwai Fong (LKF for advanced), Kowloon rooftop) and a visit to the acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of Hong Kong or China, so I had my address from my friends here recommend locally. The receptionist looked a bit taken aback when I think that I’m just passed times to try. Then it goes to the doctor. Blood pressure, pulse and tongue are examined. It has to be found suffering. Well, you can sleep better and better. Thus I lay then a short time later with a couple of needle in the feet, calves, hands and head on the deck.

The big question that some now ensures „you can feel a change?“. I go on three consecutive days for acupuncture and feel like an extra charge. I can recommend it to anyone.

Then comes the first interview. It looks good. However, it is once again fashionable wait. And a short time later a conversation with an office for visa application. Because even I only have a tourist visa.

Another meeting as a result of the logistics get-together will take place on Friday morning. A visit to one of the container terminals – Hutchinson Port Terminal is the operator. Founded by a Chinese and today one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world. A gigantic plant, a delight for the logistician. Especially the „Tower“: Surely 100m 2 guidance and control status, 24/7, 365 days. Sometime ask me the employees whether I know a J.. I have to think a little and then my yes. He could have written a few weeks ago if she had an idea for an acquaintance of his, how to get on a container ship for one to two months. Whether I was that ?!

On Saturday the exodus from the town homes takes place – from on the water. From Vietnam I get asked the expected question why I take off because if the apartment 60m 2 has and there „only“ two people live. Each as he is used to.

Since I am now on my new home. A houseboat. As life there is so? A large living area – a total with outdoor decks and sundeck probably around 160 m 2 . I have a small room below deck, where the other bedrooms and two bathrooms are. The upper deck is composed of a large kitchen and the „living room“.

If one wants to land, so calling you at one of the taxi boats via telephone. If all goes well, you can hear a „ok“ or alternatively a lot of Chinese words. This can then „‚ll be right there“, „take another“ hot or other things. They usually appear after a few minutes. Alternatively, one waits on the stairs at the houseboat on one of the passing sampans. The prices are for a ride to / from the city center of Aberdeen at about 1.50 € and the closest positioning point can be reached for about 70 cents. This is a short walk from the bus station. Passing small, quaint screwdriver shops and motor boat accessories shops to go from this to the staircase, usually sampans are available at the. On the boat you are somehow to understand „row 2“ with two fingers. Then you will be driven to the houseboat and a small jump you’re on the home.

The neighborhood consists mostly of motorboat boats to rent and charters, including crew. Further ahead, the port is a well-known Hong Kong, huge floating Chinese restaurant. And millionaire yachts are also still around. In between there are houseboats and just a few boats continue a Chinese family who lives there. Every evening is played there – Mahjong players (a game with 136 or 144 stones, very common in China and Japan, it is comparable with a little Rummy).

Weather: The most consistently – usually around 29 ° – 32 ° C and about 65% – 95% humidity.