2014.07 Hong Kong – Leben

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3 2014.07 Hong Kong - LebenSaturday, 5:07. – 20.11, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong – Aberdeen & Aberdeen Harbour

On Saturday the exodus from the town homes takes place – from on the water.From Vietnam I get asked the expected question why I take off because if the apartment has about 60m2 and there „only“ two people live. Each as he is used to.

Since I am now on my new home. A houseboat, a beautiful wooden boat. As life there is so? A large living area – with outdoor decks and sundeck probably around 160 m2. I have a small room below deck, where the other bedrooms and two bathrooms are. The upper deck is composed of a large kitchen and the „living room“.
The neighborhood consists mostly of motorboat boats to rent and charters, including crew. Further ahead, the port is a well-known Hong Kong, large floating Chinese restaurant – the „Jumbo“. And millionaire yachts are also still around. In between there are houseboats and just a few boats continue a Chinese family who lives there. Every evening is played there – Mahjong players (a game with 136 or 144 stones, very common in China and Japan, it is comparable with a little Rummy).
The Englishman eventually pulls out and so I pull in the larger room. With large outdoor windows with good water views as allow every now and then, into the aquarium.
Told The houseboat is located in the harbor or better in „Thyphoon Shelter“ of Aberdeen. From sundeck you can even see the huge container ships pass through, coming from the container port and leave Hong Kong.
Aberdeen was times Hong Kong. The first foreigners named the island after the small town and so have to be found a new name. From the settlement Hong Kong ( „fragrant harbor“, after the timber that was shipped here from China) was Aberdeen, because there is a Aberdeen in Scotland, which looked something like well. That’s one version. The other version is that an English lord Pate stood with his name.
Aberdeen is known for its harbor, where in the sixties and seventies thousands people lived on houseboats. And here known films with Bruce Lee and Bud Spencer have been rotated ( „Buddy in Hong Kong“). The city is more original, more Chinese than it is Hong Kong downtown. Here far fewer people speak English. The ordering of lunch is again a mixture of English and little finger pointing. For the duck with rice, it is sufficient. I’m a permanent resident.

For living together on the boat to German virtues and South American life habits used to each other and forming with time a very good community. I support with all sorts of errands for the boat. Among other things, in the long-lasting search for a barbecue. It runs interestingly out on the same model that has proven best services already to Düsseldorf and Hamburg times. In addition, I also support in the hunt for cockroaches – in the hull is tilted inter alia a mixture of bleach solution and highly concentrated cleaning products. Rest for a few weeks.

The cockroaches has been definitely paid too little attention. After all, they’re constant travel companion. Sometimes more, sometimes less, and sometimes more and less obvious. The less and less on board. Even if the critters are pretty darn fast and can run remarkably over vertically hanging mirror surfaces.

Otherwise we get from time to time visit of rats – then there may be two-way traffic on the foredeck. This happens when the rat just cozy crawling along the rope and late notices that someone is – reverse on the spot and come back later.

Basically an interested glances are safe when talking about his life on the houseboat. Many Hong Kong locals do not even know that one can live on houseboats here. Officially it is not allowed. That still hangs together with the masses of houseboat residents from the seventies. Under the eyes of the „Maritime Policy“, which here has a large station, live alone in the port of Aberdeen but a few dozen, mainly foreigners, on boats. On the houseboat there is Internet, water and electricity come via underwater cable.

In early August, it is to make the houseboat storm proof. In the southeast, about 600 km away, hurtling a typhoon over the sea. There is perfect weather maps by the Hong Kong Observatory and every one to two hrs updated forecast reports.Throughout the day can be seen intense activity on all boats. Part Taue extra mounted (with us the boatswain passed), everything halfway nothing is storm proof is brought below deck. During the day it is still quiet, from time to time gusts of wind and rain. At night it rocks a little more than usual, but everything is still in the acceptable range.

There again later a second Typhoonausläufer. Then it is called again to do everything storm proof. At night I am sometimes even outdoors, on the sun deck, which is tower deck now and see if we are still strapped in place. And what so in Shelter happened otherwise. Some others are also growing, nachzurren ropes. I have to hold on tight. If one considers that the storm center is 400 km away and we are behind a hill, from which direction the wind is blowing, then you can imagine how fierce the storm must be only near the storm center.

Morning actually start a small project work. Some write that they have free (often occurs when heavy rains are occurring often after a Typhon). While it pours down with rain, but that has a not so discourage them from working. So then is only the German at the bus station. No bus, no one there. It almost all free. Well, back to the canoe.

An exceptional part of life on the houseboat are the taxi boats. Without namely nothing works, because otherwise you can not get away from or on board. The boats are called „sampans“ and are basically oversized nutshells. There are plenty of sampans with very different drivers. You go into it all day and well into the night.

If one wants to land, calling it one of the drivers on the phone. If all goes well, you can hear a „ok“ or alternatively a lot of Chinese words. This can then „‚ll be right there“, „take another“ hot or other things. They usually appear after a few minutes. Alternatively, one waits on the stairs at the houseboat on one of the passing sampans. The phone calls I eventually abandoned. Decisive also because one of the Sampanfahrer knew at some point that he can hold in „row two“ always looking for me when he drives past.
The prices are for a ride to / from the city center of Aberdeen at about 1.50 € and the closest positioning point can be reached for about 70 cents. This is a short walk from the bus station. Passing small, quaint screwdriver shops and motor boat accessories shops to go from this to the staircase, usually sampans are available at the. On the boat you are somehow to understand „row 2“ with two fingers. Then you will be driven to the houseboat and a small jump you’re on the home.
When you come shortly after midnight, is usually one of the boats of the stairs, which acts as an investor. Then you have indeed only once awaken the driver, but shortly afterwards it is also going on already.
It is more difficult in the early morning hours. Besides the cockroaches nobody is mostly seen. Thus, then calls to an old woman who always drives. For € 2. The Sampan is held largely by the natural buoyancy of the wood above the water surface. The boat is ancient, somehow hold the planks together and still the engine also chugs yet. It then usually takes a while until the old woman (about 65-70 years old) is approached by boat. Mostly the ship is dark, partially lit a Funzel, which is connected to a truck battery that inside. Most I have a little concern that we crack the Sampan in one of the million-euro yachts. Because the woman is sleeping at times also a when driving. So far, however, it has always worked. You also always drives very slowly, probably from experience.
It takes a long time until the Sampanfahrer know one. So I am happy but then all the more so that eventually even the ever so gnarled Sampanfahrerin holding a curt nod ready when after a shopping rises in Aberdeen city center on the sampan and just 15 min. retracts.
Morning ride sometime back tourists outside the door over and photograph a while you have breakfast on the „balcony“ … Must it be? Everyone should have this experience once. I know from now as it is, somewhere to sit in a hut, as „native“ and to be burned by crazed photographers tourists 35 times from seven different perspectives on the data store while you just want to have his pension or is working hard. I had a bad day, as I wrote the …
On the other hand we also know that you are in the right place, if you will be photographed at everyday things of life.
„Rain, rain, go away, little children want to play“ – once it pour almost permanent and the rain is falling on the wooden roof for two days. It is time again since visiting. An elderly friend of the landlord, also from Trinidad Tobago. She works as a teacher in Shanghai. A bizarre nice mix of residents who share the houseboat. So then worked partially, reflects on visa problems and drinking the odd cider. „A apple cider day, keeps the doctor away“, the daughter says eventually.

There is always something going on in the harbor. Every day, come the boat guys from the boats passing and clean, every day anew. And consume enormous amounts of water. The least of yachts or other boats, partly for the day Junkboattrips, move often. The Marine Police runs regularly with police boats on the sea’s open. Once they come with a ship back alongside. The total polystyrene boxes of fishing boat seized.
There is another life on the boat and even feasible, since I do not have in the city every day. Normally, if all goes well, you are in about 35-40 minutes. in downtown. Given a taxiboat directly in front of the conductor must be, be a bus at the nearby bus station for departure and it must not be a jam in the direction of downtown. As this is not usually the case, one usually an hour for the ride, reckon on in the rush hour even more.


Hong Kong – Logistics & Business

Hong Kong is the city of „connectens“. There is no end of events and I I practice it, some of them permanently seek to learn more about Hong Kong and to generate business contacts. It is also very easy to come up with people here this week. On the one hand, since one usually represents an ethnic minority, on the other hand as well, since all are receptive and interested. Someone’s business card to give here is completely normal to have no case is not common. Even people who were in other cities around the world, report that there is a particularly open culture of getting to know here.

When logistics get-to-gether, that all takes place almost 6 weeks, I’m going to Dauergast and exercise myself in small talk. Every time there are between 40 and 60 people who have anything to do with all the logistics. Some a bit more broadly, but the majority but very close. About the same organizer, an Englishman who write of organizing such events as well as the books and the Moderation lives, I also take place on a full-day event for visiting the container terminal, a logistics center and the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. For those interested three absolute highlights, especially the cargo terminal. Hong Kong is the undisputed No. 1 of the world’s cargo turnover.

It is also essential that „Asian Maritime Logistics Conference“, which will be held for two days in Hong Kong. As always well organized and a few, but very interesting contacts.

Another outstanding evening of the „Young Professional Shippers Network“.“FreeFlow“ 19-22 am, about 250 people, almost all under 40, are present and operate hardcore socializing. A nice evening.

One evening there is then an event of German foreign trade chamber. Amusing is the reaction of anyone being told that one goes there. The same thing happened to a German friend. „This will certainly be totally boring, right?“. Most underpinned with a grin. Our reputation abroad, at least one, there are many more and they are all better.The positive response that you usually get to feel everywhere, if one says his country of origin, is remarkable.

In fact, there was no raging party, for some badly dressed people. Nett’s was still, again met a few people and revamped contacts with the towbar.
For this purpose I visit a series of lectures and events, which usually take place at very high levels and are free. So z. B. „New development in leadership“ or „HK Start up / venture capital evening“. In addition still other nights, associated with start ups. Very interesting to see what everything is invented. And it is interesting to see young Chinese who somewhere in China pull small development companies. Statement of a guest „if you evening publish an idea, build overnight dozens after the whole ….“. The competition is monstrous. But we like it in the market economy, right?
Regardless of the visa I head besides the personal contacts through all the events and online in search of jobs, somewhere in Asia. Search, Search, Search and emails to the Outbox overflowing. The new year will show the result.
And so there are still plenty of other things that fill my days here. Support for the to be established Event Business Boot landlady, a lunch with watches dealers who want to import watches from Germany. The whole in a Korean restaurant, accompanied with a little whiskey and then a visit to the shop in Mong Kok. A small shop where all major European watch brands are represented, the upper price range.
Next there are talks with a German software company, a small consulting project, a lunch on „Labour and Land lacquer in HK“ – in solving one of the problems I could help. Divers appointments, including serving with the towbar Hong Kong, a German, the IT services in HK and a socializing lunch.


An initially posed in view project dissolves into pleasure or contact dive.Happened probably ever in Hong Kong, how will I know (it was not Asian).
And a conversation with a consultation for a potential project – one hour intense squeezing. Anyone up 1.25 years Beijing, logistics and IT for automotive? I in not moment.

And it starts with the preparations for the container ship. Updates for a crewing agency in Cyprus. Bit by bit we are getting closer.
Of interest is the conversation with a transport company on imports into China.Normally, customs clearance takes 30 days, for a stranger. If someone knows someone on the spot, then walking in 5 days. Not only in China, but also in many other countries in Asia that is so. Corruption is the main obstacle of development. In China you go these last few months vehemently to be „volatile“ abroad sought by foreign authorities, as I read in a newspaper.


Hong Kong – the food


I read here no guide and miss so sure one or the other merger or star restaurant. What I do not miss, are the small beautiful moments when I z. B. in the „duck shops“. For example, the old people who have previously „set“ the remnants of the bones on the table, English conjure goodbye a few words from the last corner and thereby radiate joyfully.
Or the wife of the cash – it is usually paid centrally – a grin gets in the face because I the chopsticks from the drawer under the tables to earn alone (often so in the typical local restaurants). Regularly I’m at one of the many and often very simple restaurants for duck – the portion of rice costs about € 4.
Yet evidence arrived in Asia – „sharing“. Anyone who knows my joy for the sharing of food, my enthusiasm for the can while eating like to order expressed „we share? !!“ Is. But well, you also get used to it. Fast food ensures quantity.


Thanks to the new grills there frequently BBQ on the boat. Meanwhile, I am become the „cooking“ – at least for BBQ cooking. Fish baked in salt, clams, shrimp, squid in wine / herb sauce, etc. Everything was fresh from the „wet market“ in Aberdeen. An infinite variety of fresh fish. Every day new. Frog there also. And a few more features that can be found rather in the zoo with us. The fruit vendor my confidence is there also.
What is there to particular food in Hong Kong? There are basically everything you can imagine and this in a large bandwidth. To my favs Korean and „Hot Pot“ heard a bit like our fondue (also comes originally from China).

A few peculiarities on my part: „Wheat Tea“, „Watercress tea Honey“, „Lemon Water“ (provides regularly for astonishment when ordering, because it is not associated with the typical foreigner), „chicken feet“, „Dim Sum“ (typical HK court), „Eggball waffles“ and more. And then, of course, fresh fruit – mangoes, bananas, occasionally fresh coconut (preferably with Malibu Coconut Rum), „Dragon Eyes“ and „Mangosteen“.


Hong Kong – the city

Humans are creatures of habits. One gets used to everything – to faces, to ideals of beauty that a foreign man pulling bills from the wallet, because otherwise you can not communicate. To all the small and large peculiarities of the city. More and more becomes a habit. And take the heat you get used to. Almost. It’s the hottest July for years – average temperature around 30 degrees. So also like at 9am already 32 ° C and about 70% humidity.
All say that the city would be so fast. Part of it is definitely yes, the other is for the slower. And usually runs right in front of one. Extremely cozy. Almost everywhere you see someone who sweeps. Almost everywhere you see someone who is sleeping. Even as Schnelleinschläfer one is jealous of the locals who always and everywhere Nickern. Many a time you can hear here that many take a nap in the office after lunch. Very healthy.
Hong Kong is a city with infinite facets. There is everything – from typically European to typically Asian. There are different people. Some live definitely still in the colonial era, others are still in Hong Kong from 20 years ago and another in a narrow, filled, permanently active city that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The city definitely has a high „life speed“.

And it is organized. Garbage is not thrown away as usual in Asia, everything, really everything is exposed and signposted. In the underground, the exit page appears, the infrastructure is above average, supported by the relatively small area (30% larger than Hamburg) and the wealth of the city. The city is safe, the police – often seen – does its job and is not corrupt. My favorite is the traffic lights, at the on once every four pedestrian lights are switched to green. Sounds at first confusing but makes sense. The swimming pool is at the cleaning times, there are buses and subways churning, on the bus, there are some „Free wifi“, in most public places and in the subway also. In the subway platforms of the transfer stations are directly opposite, standing on the escalators (mostly) all right, who is in a hurry can run left. Cars always have priority.

But the city is also full. You are never alone. For this you have to flee to the countryside on weekends. What Hong Kong also definitely has, but even there it is not usually alone. At least there are much fewer people.
And you meet again and again people who are tired of the city.
To Hong Kong in 2014 also include the protests – „Occupy Central“. Clear I go there sometimes back. One quickly when passing through the masses, that people who are convinced of something vouch for something for which they „fight“, create a special atmosphere. Everywhere young people, usually there are students. Without end supply of water, soda powder, eye wash, a physician office and the specially created waste corners.
A lot of people I know who support the protests. Facebook images are changed to yellow ribbons, at lunch and after work is „joined in.“ But there are also critical voices. The subject matter is very diverse and would fill pages.
One evening I’m going back to the protests. The night before it was quiet, before there had been clashes between the police and students with unsightly images (tear gas), who filled the streets even more. Anyone who sees the images of Monday night in the second week, get a sense of the mood. In China Instagram is off. A friend told that images that „WeChat“ in uploaded (Ch Facebook.), Will be deleted after about an hour – from personal, private side.
The traffic is mostly paralyzed, many buses do not drive or ride different. There is so little traffic that even the sky is bluer than usual.
The protests are remarkable to behold. Everything organized insanely good, no riots, night coming on all the trucks with food, there is a huge amount of food donations and the garbage is collected and sometimes even isolated. One often reads „… it is out of every ones expectation and imagination …“.
The demonstrations are changing over time and lose the support of the population, it is said. Open end.


To a trip also includes a hospital history. On a hike I slipped and I pitched my elbow – from the hospital. € 90 is paid by the foreigners, including medication in the hospital’s pharmacy, which is open 24 hours.
The classification system upon arrival „urgent“, „semi-urgent“ and „non-urgent“ does not convince me entirely. Is also because the locals with fever to the hospital, which „non-urgent“, however. The stay lasts a full six hours, three different nurses / doctors make rum on my elbow and at the end there are three stitches. At least there is the temporary waiting „Free Wifi“. With us, I believe „phone off“.
Switch to Association I go then a few days later in Aberdeen in a defined for „Station“, a sort of infirmary. I am already at 8:50 AM because, as the station opens at 9am. Approximately 60 other people also, almost all older or old. After an hour my turn. A doctor or nurse will start to change my bandage. Then change the doctor. It continues unabated. Next comes by a nurse, and asks whether the syringe that has it and is for another patient who is right. Then another, asking what should be done with the parcel and then another, the „check“ my medical records in the form of a DINA 4 expression. Eventually everything is back to normal with my elbow.


Hong Kong has an infinite number of restaurants and bars. Some would you definitely never find when you did not get shown. So it goes on an evening in a new bar. The bar is in the backyard, on the 1st floor, between office floors. You just must not look at the ceiling, which looks like an industrial plant and does not fit the cool „wood look“. Is just as when something opens in an office building.About 10 Bartender of the city to show off their skills. South Americans would here directly go again – the glasses are small, a cocktail costs about € 15 and there is little alcohol in it. Oh, is for charity. „Welcome to Hong Kong Society“.Therefore, stay with a drink and little humor.
As here are bars, restaurants and cafes very often built or integrated into office buildings. You drive in the 12th floor to eat waffles, in a small French café, in a former, renovated apartment, about 35 m2.

What is definitely still belongs to Hong Kong „wait“. All over. Whether on the bus, on a table in the restaurant or in the protests on a yellow ribbon. People need to spend a year cumulated plenty of days waiting. So then you get even when reserving a table in the restaurant in response that the table for five minutes after the agreed time is kept free.

And another special feature. Hong Kong to set foot without the foot on the level of the road. The city has a huge number of footbridges and -gängen, cleverly designed connections between office buildings and shopping malls. The graph illustrates this very well.


Hong Kong – Excursions



Hong Kong has extremely much to offer in the area which distinguishes it in comparison to other Asian cities. With the subway or bus for an hour or a bit more travel time and you are at beautiful and exceptional places.

Ride through my efforts on a fishing boat I got „Fishermen Association Hong Kong and Kowloon“ Yes Contact for. The take me one days with an „Eco Boattour“, together with a school class. The journey continues in the Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park. There lives a large group of Indo-pacific dolphins that appear in various areas of the Indian and western Pacific Ocean in the coastal waters. Depending on the type (Chinese type or Indian type) live those of Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, China and northern Australia and from South Africa to Myanmar.
We also get to see some of the dolphins that are extremely fast and appear only briefly by leaps out of the water ,


In the former „Police Married Quarter“ a creative center was opened recently. In the courtyard just sit for a few weeks 1,600 pandas made of paper mache. What the Locals „so cute“ in particular, has a serious background. There is exactly this number of wild pandas in the world. Zooms to fit all in a courtyard, not much.Together with the WWF has created the pandas French artist Paulo Grangeon.This now travel the world – they have France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Germany saw and had more than 100 exhibitions.
One Sunday we go to Thai Long Wan. After an MTR (subway), bus and taxi (because the queue at the minibus was infinitely long) it is sent to a small gazebo. From there we continue only on foot, a car or other means of transport.Alternatively, only the sea by boat. This reduces the number of other guests significantly.
After a good hour to reach beaches such as in the Caribbean. Very beautiful.However, a little tiring is the weather – it already at 7:30 am 89% humidity and is pleasant 29 ° C warm.
Another Sunday I join a group of couchsurfing, which in turn joins a hiking group.What is here meant by hiking, exceeding slightly the concept of classic hiking with us. Just the Hong Kong Chinese are indeed often dressed as if they climb the Mont Blanc, but it is for the German Mittelgebirge habitual walkers often a bit more strenuous walk.
Today, however, it’s „stream hiken“. By and along a wild river course is migrated. And because it is very warm even on this day, it is the end of August, is cooled in one of the numerous natural pools or arises under one of the natural showers in the form of small waterfalls. e group is mixed. Some are from Shenzhen, just behind the Chinese border, arrived as there are no comparable in China in the nearby area. So also a German who works for a German-Chinese joint venture for electric cars.
It was clearly pointed out in the invitation to the hike that you should bring sturdy shoes and good hiking stuff. Also typical of here, that some come in jeans and others in simple sneakers.
Another time I go into a very original part of Hong Kong hiken. discovered off the bus out at some point I would like Hong Kong to tread, as it once was, earlier. As not all have lived in high-rise buildings. U. a. Because of the fire danger were the small houses, built close together, torn with tiny alleys between. This hike ends at the hospital.
Then there’s the mid autumn festival. One very important for Hong Kong Chinese festival. On the ninth day of the ninth month, according to Chinese lunar calendar. On the occasion of the feast is a so-called „dragon dance“ organized.Are everywhere moon cakes to the Moon Festival. Taste some getting used to, they are much given away these days.
Says „May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are dog reds of miles apart,“ the romantic Chinese poem. As the round shape symbolizes unity in the Chinese culture, the full moon stirs thesis ancient sentiments, Which are embodied in the way the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated since the early. “
When my mother to visit, it’s like a week’s holiday for me because I visit equally many places I have not seen before. These include Lantau Iceland with the huge seated Buddha, the easy alternative and hip Neighborhood Soho, the Wong Tai Sin Temple in the north, the botanical garden and Lamma Iceland. Stanley in the south, which is very quiet and cozy. Kowloon, which is a very original piece of Hong Kong. For the hard-core Hong Kong Iceland residents it is „the dark side“.People never leave the Hong Kong Iceland towards „Mainland China“, more than by plane.

Hong Kong – socializing, friends, life
I learn in the course of time many people know. Part via inter-nations, through various events, partly through a friend of couchsurfing who kindly invites me to your birthday party. Theme „Hawaiian Evening“ – the German carnival lovers naturally takes on the theme, the rest not so much. In the further course of the evening stereotypical behavior patterns of different cultures are evident. The Peruvian roommate’s girlfriend has brought a couple of other South Americans, then enter the sometime Tanzstunde for „Merengue“. Meanwhile evacuate some overzealous locals talk away the not drunk alcohol. What remains of the evening, the South Americans, Europeans and two locals who were abroad before.
The surface on which we have celebrated, is the developed roof of one of the many shopping malls or shopping malls. Since this is a public area where some restaurants may only provide their tables, their own food and Hong Kong are allowed (also typical of here – „thought along“).
Regular visitor I’m of the „inter-nations“ events. InterNations is a web community of people who live and work abroad. Every two weeks on Friday evening meeting between 150 and 250 people. A nice mix of interest groups that meet here. When one or the other’s expression changed with the statement „I’m just few months here“ – missed target group, itself part of the group „credit card Hunter“. There are all sorts here linked contacts. Also Dating, in both directions, mostly female local to international male, and vice versa. Business contacts here are making to even recruiters are present and people who just want to meet new people.
One evening at inter nations I speak sometimes with a young German who is making an internship here. Interesting is his impression of the operations – all are always busy, but if one compares with Germany, all are not working properly, he said. One has to know that in Hong Kong Overtime is a big issue.Perhaps one should say better, a cool theme because always and everywhere are all always totally busy. Just as at our new economy times.
On a Sunday there is then a „InterNations Brunch“. There are various activity groups that organize cultural events, over hikes to language courses sorts.
At some point I can no longer hear my own story and I am glad to meet again at the events known people, even though every time are a lot of new faces because , InterNations is also available in Germany.
On a Saturday night takes place „Le Boleton“. Originally from Spain, where people meet on the street and consume selbstmitgebrachte drinks, a larger community of French made here aim to organize extraordinary parties. So then probably around 600-800 people in a scale as „Amphitheater“ seating area in the fun.
After a relaxing afternoon we one Sunday in the late evening in the city – the World Cup Final. For game I need to write anything. Some bars are brimming with Germany fans, where more than half or more Asians are.
The police are a little overwhelmed with the spontaneous celebration on the road. After an hour, everything dissolves, Monday morning is after 7am. I’m having breakfast noodle soup, then cruise at 29 ° C and 81% humidity home.
On the boat you can not really move much, because the movement space is limited accordingly. So I go my way to swim at different times, directly ashore for several weeks is a large swimming pool. Mondays take me two girlfriends frequently with on one of the beaches in the south of Hong Kong Iceland.Swimming in the sea – the water is not as clear as one might wish for that, but it does nevertheless good.
Even jogging I started again. In a weak moment I agreed to „Victoria Peak to Run“. This covers a distance of about 10 km from the Victoria Harbour high on the „Peak“, the approximately 420 m high vantage point, a popular destination for tourists, from which one has a good view over Hong Kong. The actual distance is shortened due to the protests. I’m not angry that there are now only about 8 km. During the actual run, the morning starts at 7:30 AM and noisy documents at 27 ° – 33 ° C and a relative humidity of 55 – 85%, then I’m taking place 81 out of 546.
In preparation I am always near the harbor jogging. When I run up against just before 7 the mountain come to me a lot of people of retirement age already again contrary. What do all the old people there with us on prescription. None of them is overweight. I am practicing now running down the hill in reverse.
Finally again a boat party. About 130 people on a boat that is equipped with all necessary things that benötig a party boat. It is the bus back to the northeast of Hong Kong, from there by boat to a nearby-located bay.
Good atmosphere, fun rides „banana boat“ or wake-boarding, a terrific meal and afternoon on the upper deck dancing-high live. And of course free flow throughout the day. The 40 € I definitely enjoyed wholeheartedly.
And then a boat tour. All good things are finally three. On Saturday I have to help out. „They Said there are more girls so need some guys to even it out.“ If it necessarily must – for 50 € all day fresh air, good water, wakeboarding, banana Speedboat and liquid sun.
In Cambodia often were pineapple and melons artfully and skillfully peeled or open coconuts. As it on the boat trip now therefore went to open fresh coconuts to fill the coconut milk with brandy Malibu, none found with appropriate skills.Besides, who stood for hours at terminals in Cambodia. As a Thai saying „monkey see, monkey do“.
There are, as was to be expected, knit South American community. Thanks to good contacts I learn so of a cracking live music nightly and MexCham Party.The Mexican Chamber of Commerce invites for five-year party. South American music and drinks, people from around the world and the view from the outdoor terrace of the skyline of Hong Kong. At night it goes as always back to the canoe. On the last meters greet the cockroaches and it is going well and there is now a direct boat taxi ready.
The weekends are pervaded by recovery and one or the other BBQ evening.Some of these by the owner or friends of her. Since my grill fish in salt crust and stuffed fresh squid now standard BBQ dinner are on the Houseboat which Samstagtagabend is planned for me.
Hong Kong does have 7 million inhabitants but nevertheless the city is small. To appear as friends of the landlord then the employee of the German Chamber of Commerce, where I had an appointment recently and the organizer of the „fire dragon dance“ evening.
One or the other own BBQ evening on the boat also takes place. A colorful mix of the world – from the Philippines, Switzerland, Malaysia, Hong Kong – Canadian and German.
Anything happens sorts. A Sunday afternoon with stand up paddle. Birthday dinner, beach courses, a corporate beach Bach lunch of a friend, a photo exhibition, a concert of Filipino friend of a friend, and much more. At the concert, the rest is remarkable again that prevails there, though certainly 40 before the event – stay 50 children in the hall itself. And they’re not drilled in the corner. The laugh all. The downside of Asian parenting is probably too loud, too little thinking and questioning too little. This also produces good workers, but not good, even active employees. So you always hear. But that is about to change.
A few things that are worth mentioning in my opinion.

Whether I learned Cantonese or Manadarin? No. And I am deeply impressed by any foreigner who can. „Learning Mandarin but has only 4 sound levels, and not 9 as Cantonese“ someone said to me. Even if one believes that one can pronounce simple words which you have heard often, right, then looks to one of opposite quizzically, then after long rates to repeat the words as well, at least for their own hearing how the has previously just several times. It is here many way.

A nickname for people from the West, there are also. When the first Europeans arrived here, they were so surprised that they have been called „ghost man / woman“.
Twice I still get visitors from Germany by a friend who flies for a major German airline, further still visit from a friend from Singapore and my mother is from Germany for a week.


Hong Kong – Crossroads, my way to humanitarian logistics

One or the other may know that I am trying to make contact with organizations that have a need for employees to use in humanitarian logistics since mid-2013. only people are taken as everywhere here who have experience. If you have no experience, you can not even win. Already confused.
As written, I sat at an event next to someone who is active for the Hong Kong-based charity Crossroads. So the contact there was built. Initially focused on the support in the form of a project in the area, but there was at the time no direct need. So I then offered once get past a week and to provide support where precisely is required.
This is what I implemented from mid-August and it went almost every week on Fridays at Crossroads. The journey usually takes 1.5 or sometimes 2 hours because I have to drive all over the South in Aberdeen in the north-west. It does every time good to be there. You do something completely apart from the whole application and paperwork else and comes under people.
Quite different tasks await me. Partly it is administrative work in the office, answering queries and other things.
Once I take on Einsammeltour for furniture. A somewhat different city tour. The driver was only recently in Germany. Kwan, the other packer is, from a church group „new life“ for ex-Drogis. So we go right across Hong Kong and I come in all kinds of neighborhoods and houses that are otherwise not necessarily get as foreign to face. The apartments are all very small. In the bedroom usually fits only on wide bed and then a few more centimeters to go. In detail, it was the 10th floor, Kowloon East, an emptied 25m2 apartment, a sofa and a couple of cabinets. 37th floor, Hung Hau, everything prepared neatly, as if you would move yourself – Computer products and small furniture. In the 9th floor, near Mong Kok, a few beds and other furniture (cats and table tennis balls, and tabby garments in the bedroom …). And then the 33rd floor, a couple pulls out all kinds of furniture.
With Abel and Dieter (see photo) I may on another occasion (mainly new, beautiful heavy steel beds) fill a 40-foot container with hospital supplies for the Philippines. They thank several times for help and did not think that we will get loaded container on the day finished.
Yet another time I go to a central warehouse. There, a dozen are placed 40 feet container for storage. The heat inside it, one can well imagine. The driver of the small truck is Canadian and has for many years worked in an orphanage in China. For seven years, he and his wife now in Hong Kong.
My standard job is in „receipt“ – there, the trucks come from the collection tours and private individuals unload your furniture. The then all registered, tested and distributed to the other warehouses.
I will participate in two simulations. „Flood simulation“, just at the request of the UN under construction and „Refugee Run“, which has already been carried out at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The aim is to give an impression of such. As is life in a refugee camp. The stress level, the one is exposed to the simulated camp, is about 15% of what takes place in a proper camp.
Ca. 50 – 60 million refugees exist worldwide, the average length of stay in a refugee camp is 19 years.
When I tell a friend from Hong Kong from work, she tells me a Chinese proverb with: „one stone kills two birds“, which means that you can do two things at once.




Hong Kong – Mainland China
Anticipation has to be said that it is always a journey into another world. A bit like in any other country that really differs from their own, from home. Crucially, however, that there is always something else than what is made known to us.Looking at the media in Germany, so you often get taught a one-sided picture of Asia and especially China. The by either poor farmers or by the people who can only imitate everything. Both are available, often or better still often. But there are too damn many able people, because otherwise this gigantism in the existing manner would not be possible.
A few numbers yet anticipate. For global middle class in China were in 2000 about 56 million people, in 2030 it will be according to estimates 361 million.Shenzhen produced in 2005 13% of the gross domestic product of China, the city Between 1980 and 2005 from 30,000 to 11 million inhabitants has grown (from „The new Asian hemisphere, Kishore Mahbubani, page 54 ff; a really interesting book!).
Every journey begins with the visa application. The first trip is scheduled for several days to get a little a taste of southern China. The thing is clear – here is a „tourist visa“ required. One must still specify which hotel you sleep and how your route is. I’m partially couchsurfing and staying with friends of friends and posing many questions only to create pseudo-bookings. These are to perform well at hostel word, since the cancellation fees are lower in euro area for budget accommodation.
My first goal is Shenzhen, not really far away from Hong Kong, directly on the border or across the river. You take the subway to the last station in the north of Hong Kong, then you walk over a bridge and is in China. From there it goes to the subway on.
I have a little further to the north from the city center booked for the first night a place to sleep away about couchsurfing. I still have time and so I get into downtown from. Everything is not very old, all in excellent condition. Before the bakery with European delicacies: Porsche Boxster that drove him was younger than me, a BMW 5 Series, a A8 and Mercedes of the upper class. A short walk through the beautiful and modern shopping center and then back to the subway.With this it is 40 minutes of the north.


At the exit point waiting for the hostess. As always, a „hello“ to the distance (no handshake or even a hug). We continue with one of the minibuses. Far and wide the only long nose. Back in China back in the race. The bus has 21 seats, all of which are occupied and 14 more „standing room“, at least there are 14 people standing. Including the „conductress“ or Ticketausgeberin. The acts as a co-pilot. She asks you to potential breakpoints already on if they want to get out and gives it to the driver on. For this purpose they caught somehow on the rod at the small entrance door. My head is in the bulge of the air condition, which means that I can stand almost upright. My backpack is somewhere between all the legs or thighs. We nozzle flat out through the rush hour traffic. The further we move away from the center, the more bikes there are. The city seems endless. The driver knows just flat and lay-bys are approached, that the tip of the bus projects already on the market again. We come again today to prejudice.
The hostess, top 20, and I go to a local restaurant for dinner. In the back room, some Chinese, which definitely lacks the enzyme to break down alcohol, especially beer. Loudly.
Then we walk to the „flat“. I learn that she lives in the home or a room of the factory where she worked for several months. The path leads through a typical Chinese mix of industrial plants, connected apartments and separate housing complexes.
While is fully cut with us on Friday night all the bellies everywhere still working here. It’s 21:30. Two 40-foot containers are loaded in a courtyard, small machines rattle in another building and again elsewhere just modern big machines are refurbished. I ask her about the working hours with her in the company, a manufacturer of small motors for model airplanes and the like: office 48 hours working 63 hours, spread over a six-day week. „Yes then again spat in his hands, we increase the gross national product“ comes to my mind. The workshop Europe …
For accommodation and three times they eat has to pay nothing, the part of the content to. Industrial adhesive smell the evening included. The apartment is a room where there is a lot of bunk beds. The mattress is a sheet of plywood, about even a bamboo mat. Attached bathroom with sink on the balcony, at the same time also for washing clothes (it must be remembered that in the winter here can be quite cool). The photos show how it looks. She lives there alone in it, because it does a better job, in sales. Then time your eyes and the plywood enjoy.
The hostess has to work on Saturday morning. Outside is already associated noise in the early morning. I sleep a little longer and then get ready. While I dressed only in boxer shorts, inspect my photo sitting on the bed and with shaving cream on his face is a key turning in the lock. A puzzled, by the staff member of the Human Resources department, Saturdays always controls the room. It avoids further eye contact. Not smiles.
The hostess takes half a day off and we still meet with another contact I met the Shipping evening. We all go together to eat sushi and after that. In a beautifully landscaped park The ride back to the factory lasts for hours. In bus, which is loaded with about twice the number of the planned number of people, crushing bags are issued.
My hostess has a friend who lives with her husband and child in another district, about me and I’m supposed to stay the next night there necessarily. Thus, we go back a not unseemly to nearest place to stay. Another dinner and then go to the next plywood bamboo mat combination. It is the guest or children.
The apartments are all touted as very favorable. We would say, so they look even. The nearly 40m2 cost a little more than 120 €. In all, there are ever-changing plans. You get used to it. This is the disadvantage of couchsurfing.Man is always remotely a little.
On Sunday morning breakfast. There are „Reispampe“ and a kind of bread. It is still the uncle in the house and the son, who like so many other children in Asia has no reservations. We play with the Dopsball.
The host of the first night’s picking me up again and we drive to Shenzhen North Railway Station, which is the size of a small airport with us. As always, the police vehicles outside the building. Even one that looks as if it had just landed from a science fiction film here. Since there are in the switch holding about 10 meters long lines I opt for the bus. Purchased ticket, parked backpack and then we go back to the city center.
We equip the e-commerce district nor a visit. Spread over several buildings can be found on dozens of floors buy everything at small electrical items, which is needed to produce computers, telephones and other. The supplier market for all sorts of components. A quick walk through the historical museum and then it goes again to the station. After a soup or for the long nose two we say goodbye, just „unherzlich“ as in the greeting. Aside from that, what is a little easy to get used to for us, the hostess well looked after all the time about the well. For „umme“.


I ride the bus to Guangzhou. An impressive, modern city. The fourth largest in China with about 12 million inhabitants. Guangzhou is the largest city in the Pearl River Delta, one of the largest contiguous Cityscapes (megalopolises) worldwide. For the Pearl River Delta are beside Guangzhou among others the megacities Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Jiangmen, Huizhou, Zhongshan and Zhuhai. Total live here on an area that roughly corresponds to from Baden-Württemberg, over 100 million people. (Source: Wikipedia)
I stay at a Ukrainian, a friend of the daughter of the houseboat landlady and her roommate. The mother of the Ukrainian is also just as because home is known so is war. In-house. It is very interesting to hear how the spot in Ukraine arrives the supposedly good willed European aid or is perceived and who is „good“ or „bad“ is on site.
The Ukrainian provides translation services in China, the Latvian leads quality controls at Chinese production companies for companies from around the world through. A short walk in the area around the high-rise building, which almost corresponds to European standards. A nicely designed river promenade, all people, joggers, walkers, children -. Like us
.. After a restful night on the couch I go on Monday morning with the ultra-modern, very well thought out (there are, eg a 24 hour ticket is valid from purchase 24 hours, and no such thing as convulsive „applies to 9 am the next day …“) and clean subway to the bus station. The buses are more reliable than the normal path (not the high-speed trains).


On the way I wonder where they are, the rowdy and loud Chinese. In the subway me a woman know then that my backpack strap in the door, and pulls it out. A man leaves his place in the corner, so I can stand with my backpack there. At the bus station ticket purchases man remembers two people in the queue behind me, that does not understand the switch official My desired departure time shown by hand than five and told her it in Chinese. What is certain is that only a short impression from downtown. But as it is with us ?!Clear is sometimes pushed and jostled, but there are also just damn many people everywhere. In addition, never aggressive. A friend in Hong Kong, which dates from around Beijing, once said about jostling or as some also „active queues“ call: „there are so many people, if you feel always anstellst back, you never get something“.
Bought the ticket and leave the large backpack with luggage storage it comes to Canton Tower. The highest tower in China and the third highest in the world.The tower has broken several world records and, inter alia, has a restaurant, a small coaster (top), wedding services, an anti-vibration technology and more. To form the following text is an interesting information: „There is one smaller rotating ellipse at the top twisting up counterclockwise with the other larger rotating ellipse at the bottom, Which Creates a“ slim waist „in the middle and makes it seem like a lady looking behind with full passion and emotion. “
From above, provides a good view over the endless city. In the city center there is only the actual underground again a little subway that connects some of the nodes. again, everything is still new or is just completed. Everywhere are construction sites. Somewhere I buy a few brands T-Shirts cotton for 7 euros. the „World Mall“, a gigantic shopping mall will be completed even just on its last legs. and always friendly people .
Back to the bus station it is there then a little late going. an extended family has bought half the household, including refrigerator. Throughout repeatedly police. Especially a lot around the bus station.
the city does not stop. In an eight-lane highway we drive west to Zhaoqing (roughly „the beginning of joy and happiness“). A slightly smaller city of about 4 million inhabitants, also in Guangdong Province. In the evening I go there looking at the streets around the hostel for food. I walk through the market, buy almost a kilo „dragon eyes“ for 50 cents and sit in one of the Plastikstühlchen restaurants. I love China Fun. The chef personally takes care of loudly of strangers. It can just as much English as I Mandarin. Trappings grinning faces.His walk to the refrigerator will ever get the question if I drink beer. That would be clarified. Then help me the app „Pleco“ translate chicken and rice. Fancy courts would overwhelm the whole here. It is a big, still hot metal pot with deliciously prepared chicken and all kinds of chicken (including some offal and feet) and a bowl of rice. All the best.


The next and last day of the short trips I take another little trip in the morning to Sternsee with the known for the city of hillocks. I climb a small peak, which in the morning at 10 is at an incredible heat already a considerable challenge. Since it is not a lot of time it comes soon with a tuk tuk back to the hostel. With a little detour or additional expense. The slightly stubborn driver is of the opinion that you know the road that I show her exactly. None. That would be times been a few more kilometers to run. With hands and energetic view I convince them of Continue and the joy is great when we arrive at the hostel. At all.
Actually, the trip was planned to Hong Kong by boat. But somehow no one knows in the city harbor and also a motorcycle taxi to the Internet site address is unsuccessful. Back again, through dust and heat, to the bus station. A ticket to Guangzhou, maybe it works from there by boat on.
The ride is surprisingly normal and relaxing, past endless rows of factories.Every now and then stands in great numbers, the date and ISO9001 on the factory wall.
In Guangzhou, there is nothing in time by boat. So I walk to the station. But there I capitulate before the masses of people in the ticket sales hall. There are some zighundert people who all wait for tickets. I therefore decide summarily for the bus that takes me back to Shenzhen. Bus, metro, Immigration, subway, bus, Sampan – at home.
China was very interesting again, and it was good sometimes out of town to be.
The second trip to China comes to the logistics fair in Shenzhen. Since I have no official invitation has a business visa is not possible, as explained to me, the woman from the Immigration Office in Hong Kong. all Visa for China there always have to be applied. I was to take a tourist visa, but I do not work, just look, right? Yes exactly!

Morning still a final interview at my little project and it is convenient and known to Shenzhen. A first tour. The Mass is celebrated great anywhere. It’s like so often here a little less than was praising. A large exhibition hall and another small are filled with stalls.

In the evening a German friend and I meet by chance on two Nigerians in a bar, which are also active in the logistics fair. The only African at the fair, represented with a small booth. Total warmly we spend a fun evening with the two.
On Wednesday, the actual day of the visit. Quick turns out that apart from a few international companies and visitors at the German stand here little contacts are made. At least a few who afterwards still exist and from which a business is.Only occasionally English is spoken at the stalls here. Already the exchange of business cards and the short explanation what is so powerful because, is a challenge. Unlike at the booth of „NRW Invest“, in which a Chinese woman and her colleague working. Both were long time in Germany and speak very good German. The employee, however, no longer afterwards reported to my email.Could have been due to the conversation we had on Tibet, in which I have told you what I saw.
On the state of the „Logistics Alliance Germany“ (which was so far also not yet known; a financially supported by the federal government institution for international marketing of the logistics location Germany) there is a small Oktoberfest at lunchtime. Opened by a Bavarian Associate of the Bundestag, all in costume and accent included.
Again, confirm one or the other German, who has long been in China that in Germany a false image in the media is widespread. Add to this that China is huge and everywhere else. What the central government says it’s often not at any angles and if ever the foreigner knows usually only the big cities.
Interesting is the beginning of an afternoon event the little drama, as the mayor of Shenzhen arrives and the welcoming ceremony of Equip goes. The well-known Hand of business, long holding them, joyous announcements about the visit and further pays tribute. Here are a few lectures, among others, the MPs, the Mayor and the world-famous German logistics company.

The evening I spend again with the Nigerians who had their stand this morning until eleven o’clock not enter ….

The second reason for the trip is a meeting with an American who came five years ago to Shenzhen and has since developed products. He now has a team of eleven people. About an hour drive north to the subway. The last piece I need to take a taxi. A non-verbal communication takes place once again. The taxi driver recommended me that I should take on the road the stairs of the subway station the next time, then the taxi must make no detour and U-Turn and I therefore also no longer pay. I feel bad for the initial idea that the will but cut me safe on the ear. I try Just imagine how a German taxi driver does the same with a Chinese. The idea is not the end.
I walk through the large complex of new office buildings, which still seems a little empty. Somewhere is then that the American office. Few Chinese are still in the office. He asks me if unless been a problem, come back here with the subway.Nee. Not one bit.
We eat and talk. Interestingly, what you can experience here in a few years. But not always easy. It’s about getting to know. He wants to expand and may require trusted support next year. As before, no one knows the staff, both the prices for the sale and purchase prices. Otherwise too fast times something „turned“.
Back is accustomed with the subway to Hong Kong.
also now heard Alibaba, the Chinese counterpart to Amazon to China. And so is still a number to call.

The 11:11. is the „single“ day because the ones are so lonely in the area. In the nineties, the „singles day“ was created and since 2009 have online merchants discovered the date itself. So there are appropriate discounts and promotions on Valentin equivalent. Within the first 17 minutes after midnight $ 1 billion has been implemented. (Source: handelszeitung.ch)

Those were good five months Hong Kong. What I have done here all the time – all the above. It was never boring, even if it were long weeks of waiting. Even though I rarely rumsaß and waited.

After nearly four months on the „heaven on earth“ is then also there extract hip.Two boxes, one hitchhiker backpack and a small backpack. The Sampan also helps here. 170 days in Hong Kong. The two cartons remain in Hong Kong.