2014.12 Chinesisches Meer

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2 2014.12 Chinesisches Meer20.11. – 28.11, Singapore – Hong Kong – Singapore

My flight to Singapore is booked for several weeks. A few days before the actual flight I then ask when crewing agency again to be that so with the visa for Singapore. Follow many emails between Hong Kong, the agent in Singapore and the crewing agency in Cyprus. Result is that I as a tourist immigrating on Thursday, on Monday again fly to Hong Kong and immigrating on Tuesday as a sailor in Singapore. As Sailor is allowed a maximum of seven days to enter the „seaman visa“. The departure of the vessel but has moved from 26 to 28 November and I have promised a few things for the weekend. Therefore, the short trip back to Hong Kong. More Episode of Visa & Co.
So then I fly on Thursday as a tourist to Singapore. While I present my passport to the customs officer on arrival in Singapore I think still that surely in his computer looks the same, that I have a sailor visa. Finally, we are here in well-organized Singapore. Prompt follow „Are you a seaman?“. Well, not today, only on Tuesday. Here are a few questions, then the top officials will be consulted.Entry approved.
The days in Singapore spent with organizational matters, the aid at a level of an art exhibition and a brunch in a far too expensive, but very good hotel. The last time to eat well?
Back on Monday in Hong Kong I have two calls and a cozy evening. Then the uncomplicated entry to the seaman visa and a few days relaxing with the execution takes place in Singapore all kinds of things.

Singapore and Hong Kong, both cities that are safe and clean. A treat to get there, to have no qualms to get into a taxi and being able to move freely.Singapore is to do exceptionally green, less hectic and not as packed as Hong Kong.

29.11. – 5.12 on the container ship -. South china sea I

It’s time. The day of the departure of the ship. The initial meeting on site is scheduled for Friday morning, seven o’clock planned. On Wednesday afternoon I get a message that it will be Friday evening 18 o’clock. On Friday morning, I get a message that it will be 22:30 then moves against 20 o’clock still time to 23:30. This is then also final. It is not unusual for ships – occupied Kai, long processing at customs and other things affect the schedule permanently.

On the way to the hotel where I meet up with the rest of the crew I think of the list of 18 weird German words. The list is shown in an English language blog and contains words such as „inner swine“ (inner pig dog), wimp (soft egg) or Erklärungnot (explanation poverty). What it does not contain is „jitters“. I happen to have.

The hotel then arrive on time at 23:30 three Philippine looking men out of the elevator. I go to her and ask, „Carpathia“? A little puzzled, they say yes and we go together to the minibus. There also is one more passenger, looks like Eastern European origin. On the bus then asks one of the Philippines, which position I supposed. As if I had expressed it already dozens of times, the answer is „O / S“ (stands for „Ordinary Seaman“).
In Minibus it goes quickly over one of the city highways (six lanes, partly under the sea) towards container port. Any driver who fails to certainly also transported quite different things the child understood in Europe know, repeatedly pointed out that the papers and the ball should be directed so that it does not take at customs for so long. Customs control input port entrance, control of passports.

Then it goes into an office of the duty. There sits another, hardly bored officials and checked again the same letter as his colleague at the airport (I have three letters: one for the Customs, a general about my job and again one for whomever). It takes time. Staring at the screen by the customs officials. Finally, the handle to punch and a short signature. Why did he then again several minutes staring at the screen will remain a mystery.

We drive by minibus through the harbor, passing many large container ships.Everywhere is motion, all brightly lit, containers are placed and driven away with transport vehicles to the ships. It’s midnight.
Then it is there, the 222.14 m long container ship. 30 meters wide, with a gross weight of 28,596 t, loaded up to 39,443 t. The ship is owned by a Hamburg shipowner and goes under the Liberian flag. It is leased for eight months in a Korean shipping company. It was built in 2003.
The loading and unloading activities have just begun. Rauf the gangway, the shakes a little. Clear advantage on my part with the hitchhiker backpack against the wheeling of the other sailors. The turn know partially those who are on board. I will warmly greeted, but definitely also eyeing skeptical.
The rider with an Eastern European appearance sitting in the lounge next to me and asked me all sorts of things. He then says also very clear that that is now even more puzzled him what am I doing here. He is 26 years old, travels since he was 19 year old is at sea. His position here is „Oiler“, before he was Technical assistant or something. He drives three months here, or sometimes eight.
I get with that other sailors know from the bus not really where it goes – some of which have signed an eight-month contract.

We are waiting. Then the papers are checked. Fortunately, I have in an expression delusion that one no longer knows about the paperless tickets, everything printed out what I have in terms of shipping. It is also all received dankenswert.
Then it goes into the cabin. Single cabin, about 12 m2. Very spacious with Luke outside. Wonderful. I would never have dreamed of. Including a private bathroom. Continue to the garment – a working overalls, a helmet, ear protectors, two pairs of work gloves, a warm, bright yellow jacket (not for the work to use ()) and a head and facial mask for colder regions and a pair of work shoes.

It is now just after one in the morning and the chief officer proposes that the Second Officer briefly shows me the ship. The Chief Officer is visible tired, a cigarette after another lights while he tells me a few things about my activities.All kinds of maintenance work on deck waiting for me. I will work from eight in the morning to 17 o’clock (spoken „seventeen hundred“) evening. One hour lunch break. In the port there will usually do nothing. I can go ashore, two hours before ETD ( „estimated time of departure“) I have to be back on board. And most importantly – the paperwork on the desk (some would call it disorder) is not „cleaned up“, just let lie. Roger that. Classical challenges with the cleaning staff.
The Second Officer goes with me then once on the ship. Next to it lay in the OOCL Hamburg. A huge ship. That pleased the officer, who is also visibly impressed by the size.
Against 1:45 I go to bed. A tanker makes just laid on the port side. Three gantry cranes loading and unloading through the night the ship. A night in the port of Singapore.

On Saturday morning at 7:45 AM the morning roll call with the Chief Master.Again all kinds of explanations. When he tries to explain why the UN Hazard numbers me (has classification for all hazardous substances from liquid combustible to caustic acid all uniform number) have something to do with the UN, I use one of his pauses to tell him, that I drove fuel tankers in the army.Ohhhh! The tired face shows vehement positive emotions, underpinned by recognition. „Then you know that everything“.
My first task is one that is very the German – sort waste. We can indeed. The garbage room is on the main deck, one of the rooms, which are accessible on both sides there. Like all the rooms that are close to the engine room is also this well heated. I’ll get to work.
When I ask at Stewart after garbage bags I get two handed. But I need more. Lo and behold – in the storage room under the kitchen, there is a whole lot more.First indication of hoarding on board … At the same time I know that I will from now lunch in the officers‘ canteen. Already went up, at least in relation to the food environment. There are various lounges and dining rooms for the crew and the higher ranks.
After work I give on the way back to the 3rd officer nor my valuables. The he writes with my name in a little book. From then a list is created, must sign on everyone aboard again.
Then I can work in my car and for me. In the port there is not much to do. On the deck I can not stop me, because there the containers are moved and this is handled by the port workers.

With names here does not speak hardly at, at least, when it comes to workflows.. So here is a brief look at the names and ranks on the ship
on commercial vessels, there are generally three categories of hierarchical levels: the deck area of the engine room area and the catering area.

  • Chief of our team is the captain (or master). Then there is the Chief Officer / Chief Master / Mate, Second Officer / Mate, Third Officer / Mate and Deck Cadets.
  • On the upper deck then the following ranks: Bosun, Welder / Fitter, Able Seaman (AB), Ordinary Seaman (OS) and trainee OS.
  • The Chief Officer is second in command to the captain. He is responsible for the deck crew, all questions for fire fighting and is responsible for the cargo spaces and the team.
  • The Second Officer is primarily responsible for navigation and usually takes care of 12 – 4:00 Guard (2x a day).
  • The Third Officer shall prevail verantwortlich.Der for safety on board Bosun cares about the team on the cover and reported to the Chief Officer.
  • Deck Cadet assist all officers. These are new to the rule and for training purposes on a ship. He passes in front of the residence several courses in order to avoid accidents (eg fire fighting, first aid and other safety issues).
  • An Able Seaman has an ampersand Marine testimony and supported on the deck department.
  • The Ordinary Seaman helps on deck. He usually takes care of cleanup, polishing, painting and cleaning work. Furthermore cable and repair work.In addition, he is responsible for the proper settling of the lifeboats.
  • For the engine room area, there are still the chief engineer, the Second Engineer / First Assistant Engineer, the Engine Cadet and the Fitter, the Motorman, the wiper and the Trainee Fitter / Trainee Wiper and Oiler.

And what you deserve so? A few numbers I experience. So a Bosun services to the 1,800 / $ 1,900.
Some time ago the overtime has been cut. Only up to 110 overtime are paid.
For the chef (daily working 6-19 some breaks), there is a maximum of 140 overtime. In thus missing every month about 200 dollars. The second officer deserves probably around $ 4,000.

To 14:15 knock someone. I have not yet seen. I look at him quizzically, as I had 14:45 in the head for the pick up in the head. He said with a glance at the radio, as if the chief would sit in there that the Chief would have meant he should me for „stand by“ awaken. Watching the landing maneuvers on the foredeck is announced. „Caution“ is legitimately into me again. The arm-thick cables can not cause significant damage if the fingers or even longer intervenes. Or the anchor chain, in which a single chain link is greater than a DINA4 page.
Somehow Impossible to miss at 14:45 and shortly after three o’clock I realize that the ship moves. Mist. Something misunderstood. I walk briskly the 200m ship forward. Just about all already done. The quay wall is already far away.
The Filipinos are always cheerful. Eventually thinks the chief among the three men, the Bosun, that I should come earlier in my position next time. I explain to him that I „stand by“ would probably misunderstood – right, because stand by you always in position. OK. Learned. My position is „forward“.
In bright sunshine some minor work is done (I may also move one or other wheel …). Then it goes back. Not quite yet. It is still the „Pirates backup“ for the night to install. These are some fire hoses that are attached to both sides of board so that they can be activated from the bridge. A few large projector for the illumination of the side walls. That’s the work on the first day.

comes to food and everyone goes when he wants. The captain, chief engineer, second engineer and the Chief Master sitting at a table. The third officer who „Oiler“ and the electrician and I other at one. It is operated in place of the kitchen Stewart. The food is good. Alcohol there is no. I think over the ship no. There Kassler, half a chicken, mashed potatoes, schnitzel, Sunday ice cream for dessert. Not bad.

Every now and then times nor any of the 19 other people over, needs a signature, explained where something or inform me of the next tasks. So for tonight. From 21:00 ( „twentyonehundred“) to the bridge for „watchkeeping“ – look for everything might be in the way and by pirates. Therefore it comes after eating only once sleep. Look at the dark water four hours could cause drowsiness.
Then Shortly before 21 o’clock, it goes to the bridge. The 3rd officer on duty and one of the Filipinos on the lookout on the port side.
The officer tells a little and says that he and everyone else would be but very surprised at my work here. In Germany, there is still plenty of jobs and earn more, I would surely also. As my salary here? Direct questions that one is not used to, but I had previously already told another what he deserves. Seems no secret on board to be. Then I get a pair of binoculars. To Gun’s Roses and Bryan Adams in the background I’m looking for pirates and whatever else could affect the unalloyed continue. How again see pirate ships in the South China Sea from ….?
Eventually we cross the time zone boundary, whereupon me the officer pointed kindly. Shortly before midnight, according to the new (Vietnam) time comes my replacement. Premature. I am not complaining and go to bed.
Sunday morning there like every day at 7:30 am Breakfast. The captain also comes by, greets as always short and breakfast still. For today’s morning at 10:30 a fire and rescue exercise. The entire team exerts a small fire services and the boarding of lifeboats.
From the price from Hamburg to me is much more common. In particular, the films have a made aware that it is important to know where everything is and inculcating itself, on which side the right (assigned) is lifeboat when coming sleepily from his cabin. Where did you say the front of the ship?
Then I pull another, slightly smaller cabin to. On the „B“ deck. A little small, but depending on the loading height I can look at the sea on the container and the Light versions backrest. But I have to clean up only once. My predecessor gave me all kinds of things left there. The I leave again the kitchen Stewart.
In the afternoon I go to fresh air. I must say the communication that I’m out and also subsequently in me again when I’m in on the bridge.
It’s beautiful out here. The sea is deep blue. The sun strong and warm. The ship moves up and down easily in water. So far I see nothing of any complaints as seasickness or the like. To the north, in Korea, it should be different, said one of the Filipinos. Not only cold, even stormy.
Everyone should go over the open sea time anyway. . Terrific, the deep blue, the endless and when ships will little by little on the horizon appear one out again in mind that we live on a sphere
read, sleep and eat – the rest of the day is a real Sunday.

Monday evening – I look out and realize known. Vung Tau – as I was before.With trunks in lederhosen outfit. Now it comes to the 220 m long ship in a corresponding distance past and up the river. The ship sails swiftly. One clear it lays down on the one side or the other to pass the narrow river bends.
In between again a few forms – the form of participation in the fire and rescue exercise, the form of training in the handling of waste and the form for the transfer of the money to specific recipients. This is mainly for the other crew of relevance. Thus, you can specify certain recipients of money when you are traveling. One can also get a portion paid in cash or get a credit for the „BordBistro“ written.
In the morning yet taken time to prepare for the arrival in Saigon. The nightly pirate fuse is broken. And anything that is not nailed down is closed. These include fire hoses and lifebuoys, of which there are several on the main deck, as well as all screw the fire and air lines. These qualities are made of bronze and also highly sought after (a cover of the oil lines missing after leaving Saigon …).You wonder what is in the report, when a fire breaks out now. „There is an unusually high demand for fire hoses in Vietnam and this is regularly refreshed by loading personnel at the port, the fire could be extinguished only belatedly, as all fire hoses were in confined spaces. A slight time advantage there, because all the shutters of the unloading pipes were also removed … „.
Always wait again. It’s nice and warm in the sun and in the long jumpsuit. The „Bosun“ asks me how long I am going. Two months – since I could write a book, he said. I replied that he probably could write more of his 18 years seafaring, since his age of 21 he goes to sea, but.
Then we prepare the arrival of the pilots before – a large and heavy wooden Trick ladder on the port side. Why the throwing line is placed ready is not so really clear. The pilot boat is not moored, thus a line is actually not necessary.We let the line down to the pilot boat. The pilot climbs the wooden folding ladder on the outboard wall. Then, a box or the like is fixed to the canvas. The others are surprised what is in it. When covered with a blue cloth cage then above it is clear what is inside. Something flutters excitedly. Apparently a dove that can fly anywhere the pilot well. It seems to get money for it when it arrives again.
As I sit while eating said a „special pilot“. Food he gets. Why exactly in Figures 4 hours on board? And his pigeon? Maybe not chilled lettuce leaf? Welcome to Vietnam where everything is different again.
Only then again pause. Working hours are very relaxed. From 8am to 10am, then 20 min. Pause and again to 12 PM. And 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., then 20 min. Pause and again to 17 PM. Upon arrival or departure at the port shifts everything. So today I can wait in my cabin and there until someone picks me up after the coffee break. The Bosun is informed by the captain by radio when we are needed.
Berthing Saigon. When else are all more relaxed is when you create a tension definitely be felt. The tons of load will be towed to the quay right. These help the prow „Tan Cang 2“ and „Sea Boxer“, two tugs, slowly push the ship towards Kai.Two small boats with flashing lights block the flow. Everything has to go fast. At the beginning it is still dark. So the world travelers can score with the unasked brought flashlight. Only at the level of the final landing position the light is turned on. The docking maneuver is tricky. The distance to the nearest ship is less than 10 meters. That is not enough to the captain. A brief discussion, with whom I do not know about radio. A „anyway some more meters“ clarifies then, what to do and who’s boss. Created. All ropes ashore. And tightened, by meter large winches on the forecastle.
The gangway is lowered. Below is already a larger group of people. The majority in safety clothing, which are the ones that solve the lashing of the containers and the new mooring again. One in casual leisure clothes plays Tetris on your smartphone. And two more – a woman in white blouse and a customs officer.Then all on board. One of the men in safety clothing starts directly his SIM card to praise, later one of modems and other Mangos has for sale. As at the fair.
In addition to wait a lot of transport vehicles, to immediately take the first container and to distribute on the site. It is strictly observed, who moves towards interiors. One or the other convoys into I „ships office“ to „Chief Master“.
Few show when boarding the ship an emotion. Later still comes over a woman who helps in the management office. The is very nice, all salute and say a welcome in Saigon.
Who is still so everything running? Under the gantry crane working the „twist lock“ coasters. The two men put under the containers that are associated with the transport vehicles that twist locks (a kind of metal studs), which connect the containers on deck together and consolidate. And then the „Pfeiffer“ that speaks to the driver of the container transport vehicle, whether it is right under the gantry crane. Supported by a white-red pointer and his whistle.
And then sits stocks supplier next to Bigpack with the food supply. Two of them with food are heaved with its own, small crane on board. Everything stowed into the camp, that’s my work for today.
I must ashore. For this I get a distinct „shore leave pass“, the I make with my passport at the entrance to the container port. This is prepared for all members of the crew. Since the area of the container terminal is very large drive there open Van, a bit like in the amusement park or the Singapore night zoo – permanently on the grounds. That on my shore leave pass „Philippines“ is ignored generous of the customs officers. West advantage.
There they are again, the motorcycle taxis. Shortly the ATM and then brings me a twenty minute bike ride to town. I buy some food and drink and then go into a bar. There I meet one of my friends from June.
The motorcycle taxi driver waiting all the time for me. On the return trip will then sorts touted. After I rashes its offer for the best girls in Port drugs are still available. Also declined with thanks, please to the ship. It continues in the known driving style, including oncoming traffic or you yourself oncoming traffic. The 40-ton Freightliner gets thankfully still crossing left and I’m safely at the entrance of the container port. Before the gate accumulate dozens of trucks, on the site is no less busy.
Back on the ship is the „Bosun“ still at work. Like some others of the team. The men from the country’m ash container. I’ll highlighted in a list of „back on board“.The captain and some others are not there yet, I learn. It is shortly before 24 pm to 24 pm is for the team’s output end.
The men who were not allowed ashore ask „Many girls, many girls?“. It is a question, as if one speaks of paradise that starts right at the container port.Paradise it was not, and many „girls“ I have not seen. Not one that once meant „you wanna drink something?“. However, there was to buy everything you need for a sea voyage.
I get admiring looks when I tell them that I was in the city and „drinks for free“ had at a bar. Next time they want to come with me.
The departure time is not yet clear.


Tuesday morning – it is still loaded. Then the landing maneuvers begin. At 10:45 „on duty“ in the position. So I put myself in my work clothes on the forecastle.Only collect the rats protection – prevents this that animals on the ropes on the ship running. Then the ropes are hoisted on board (with the winds) and stowed or wound on the coil.
After a short pause, we should check the container. All are anchored with the „twist locks“ on the ground and have a backup. It is very often forgotten, this lock into place. Furthermore, all containers that are directly on deck and partially in the first position, secured by large metal threads ( „lashed“). These are not all so tightened as they should be. It is therefore necessary to examine all and retighten the majority. Good muscle training.
The work on the ship is constantly broken up by waiting. Wait, that one can use there in this part of the journey with an interesting view of the river and the life.Others do around here River cruises. It is wonderful weather. The typical wooden boats are always spread out over the water.
The men with whom I have been working together all very nice. We talk about this and that. Where they come from, they show me on the practical offline map on my smartphone. And if I would have been in the Philippines. Many German and Europeans would settle there for retirement. Entire neighborhoods are built for foreign retirees. And if I marry a Filipino woman, I’d marry the whole family. I should then earn much, they say.
There comes the instruction to make everything for the pilots willing leaving the ship in the amount of Vung Tau. The wooden folding ladder is lowered to the ship’s side, then comes the „Pilotboat“. One of the Filipinos said still to me „no pigeon this time round“ …
A few more minor works and it’s earlier today by the work. It goes out to the open sea. No more cellular connection from the mainland.
Plenty of time for photos, blog and all sorts of things. The food is still good – today there are Greek salad, pork, potatoes and vegetables. One can not complain.


Wednesday morning. Again sunshine and a glorious day. Good air anyway.Whether there are also animals, visible? In land near a few birds were seen out here are a few seagulls companion of the vessel. A sea snake has collided with the 30,000 ton ship and teetering on the water. Otherwise there are still „flying fish“. No yarn. I have my eyes not married. At the bow they come out of the waves and „fly“ then for a few meters, or up to a few dozens to before disappearing in the water.
Today, as on Monday morning back staircase cleaning hip. A clear division – the other OS wipes, I return. From top to bottom, cover E to B and the Poop Deck, the Master Chief Office, the laundry room, the garbage room, the Tally Office (a kind of workspace for oats workers when they are on board), the outside toilet, the locker room and the „Muckyraum“. And already has made coffee break. The Filipinos usually talk much, are always cheerful, some smoke.
After lunch I help on the front deck with a small repair of the winds. And then there are the first shower. A related charge spray splashing over the forecastle.The sea is really calm, but sometimes there are meter deep troughs, in which the vessel is then immersed. In part, the horizon above a straight line on board moving targeted, up to two meters from top to bottom and back.
Take two more ships and three large fishing boats I can today around around – to the horizon – discover. Add to that a few fishing boat from Vietnam, like little nutshells wade through the sea. Otherwise width, sun, blue sky and deep blue sea. Only between raining times. As we place ourselves under one of the containers. „Sometimes the rain is our friend“ said one with a big smile and is almost disappointed that the rain stops as quickly.
Today I managed quite nicely. I notice the waves. Also in the room you can feel the movement of the ship. Every now and then a loud cawing of the container when the ship plunges particularly hard. One or the other lunge is necessary to go back just run out.
On Thursday morning, again brushing the courses announced. The success feelings are relatively low due to the cleanup day yesterday, but good, sure has his reasons. We are done before the morning break – keep quiet and look at the sea!
At the break, the Stewart sits down beside me and asked where I lived in Germany, if I lived alone, where my parents live. He was in college, then a mountain guide, has been working in the hotel and eventually „learned“ Nautical.As those who rated by the Crewing Agency that he was at the hotel, he was promptly inserted into the kitchen. He must – on the ship – work, since he has three children.
After the break, I’m learning a new device to know – the rust remover. One type drill with a dozen thick, blunt schaschlick rods of metal, which rotated by compressed air. So I head to the millimeter thick rust on one of the winches.Before eating, after eating and also after the coffee break. The weather is nice. It is mild wm, a few clouds in the sky and the sea relatively calm. In the lenses of goggles are reflected again the gulls. A few dozen of them accompany the ship throughout the day. They fly over the foredeck, side of it and sent through the wave troughs or a few centimeters above the spray. If one has discovered something she screams, some others a vote and then they all fall in the direction of the appointed prey. Over and over again. Once a flying fish is taken directly from the air. The seagulls keep skillfully and quickly exactly at the speed of the vessel.
Then everything is made storm proof. For the night heavy sea is announced – waves up to 5 meters and wind speeds around 45 – 50 knots (up to 92 km / h).
All lifebuoys are collected, the anchor that is not mounted correctly, secured with several straps and otherwise again controls everything.
at dinner makes me the Oiler attention that the board shop is open from 18 aM.Who wants to buy something, it writes to a small prepared expression (the „Order“ in DIN A7 size) and there is the 3rd officer. There are several everyday items to buy – of bathing articles about food to beverages and SIM cards for the board-Fi (?!). The I have not yet purchased, since I still need a SIM card reader.And apart from me sometimes practice a few days in seclusion.
Another night in the cabin. It rocks.
The night was bearable. When I woke up once I realized that the ship is rocked in all directions, back and forth, and from right to left and back. All in all, but doable.
In the morning it is still quite stormy and thus not allowed to work on the foredeck. Therefore today are more „filler tasks“ accomplished. Finally, again clean the hallways and assistant working at the high-pressure cleaning of the main deck. At times also in between a break. In the afternoon coffee break a BBC documentary on the life is seen in the sea. All sitting excited while watching television. Then a little polish the lockers and already the day is over.
During the day it is still stormy, meter-high waves accompanied the ship, which plunged into the waves deep again. It is noteworthy that the ship „moves“ in itself. What I recently could still admire a contribution of an online magazine, is to pursue here in reality. The ship flexes marginally in the longitudinal and horizontal axis. Flexible steel.
In one of the breaks of the O / S then told a little of home. Situated directly on the sea, his parents have just prepared everything for the Super Thypoon, heading toward the Philippines. A few palm trees have been felled, so that no crack on the house. We look again the map and he asks me where is come from.
The Bosun asks then what was doing seasickness. Today nothing goes well.Thanks for asking. Predicted arrival for Shanghai Sunday night, therefore, Sunday is still free, will joyfully reported.
At dinner I get the full salad and mango untouched from lunch Oilers. To a little bit to loosen the silent round, I mean, if he did not get up so healthy stuff. Further silence on the other end of the table while the coke is emptied. Man is always determined how different the perception of humor in different countries.


6:12. – 16:12, on the container ship -. East china sea I

Saturday Nikolausi. Who does not get shoes also do not get sweets. But Santa Claus appears in principle not to be on the road in the China Sea. It also amends rocked all night.
In the morning we pass the „Taiwan Strait“, the strait between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. The number of vessels is much higher after and for a short time, there is the mainland grid. Gulls are no longer there. They probably took the last ship last night south and dive for common cry again for prey. It has become cooler and the wind is blowing strongly.
After breakfast I must after the four days acclimatization the stairs and hallways alone brush. Then I help the other when cleaning the outside decks with a hose or pressure washer.
Suddenly on the rear deck sits a dove. Perhaps the pilot from Vietnam? She looks definitely not very fit and is captured by one of the men. Again they say that you get a lot of money (1000 USD) when the pigeon then returns to where it belongs. It is ringed and has the number 880,720th The pigeon gets something to eat and then released. However, they do not tolerate well the sea air and therefore sits on one of the Container.In the coffee break is an MTV music video of „Adams Bryan“ unplugged, looked. The sea is churned and well in motion, on the ship, it is relatively quiet. The sun comes out and it is comfortably warm.After lunch is not working. To compensate for that is necessary to work on Sunday evening during the arrival in Shanghai. Thus finally a Mittagsschlaf.Um 15:20 then another fire and rescue exercise. It is simulated that the engine room a fire has broken out. Some are equipped with respiratory protection, fire extinguishers provided unrolled hoses connected and the erase lines activated and simulates opening the CO2 extinguishing system for the engine room. Then there is a briefing on security issues. For the safety case, not an emergency, there is a separate alarm signal (5x short). If this sounds all have to gather in the washroom. We also learned that there are two on the ship „emergency buttons“ that can trigger any alarm on the ship, but the ship owner and the next emergency center is on land in knowledge. It should be noted, to press any of the buttons accidentally, otherwise min after about 20th the military helicopter has arrived. Would be interesting to see … After a good half hour everything is over and it is hoped that nothing run passiert.In the kitchen usually hits of the eighties. Yesterday and this morning was the captain in the kitchen and has even cooked what. Of the men who sit around me, everyone has their own eating habits. One always gets fresh garlic, the other two soups, again one gets dark bread. I would like to sit with the Filipinos, as it is sure funny. But come I do not believe in good, if I ask for „displacement“. In addition, the food is in the Offizierskombüse well abwechslungsreicher.Ein another evening for me. One is to have no longer used so much time without distraction.
It is Sunday morning after breakfast the winch on the foredeck to get ready. The whole thing is done relatively quickly and so the day off is then still free. The second breakfast another animal film about the Amazon, several years old, and with Russian subtitles (like most movies), but still interesting.
After dinner it is preparing everything to anchor. With incredibly loud roar, accompanied by a thick cloud of rust dust and sparks latching the chain of board. Again and again it is stopped with the braking device. Then check how many meters already in the water looked (because of markings on the chain) and over the side as the ship and the chain are to each other. We have previously installed a headlight. Eventually everyone is happy. Everything close well, that’s it for today.


Monday. At six o’clock is noise in the hallway. I want to see only what’s going on until I realize that someone knocks. Starting work. The anchor must be thinned.In addition to the built-in anchor shower this is additionally sprayed with a fire hose to free him from the mud of the seabed. Then prepare even the ropes and. Wait
At 9 o’clock we take the pilot on board. It is contacted with a relatively small boat. This does not come from the country, because the country is still damn far away. It oscillates between all the many ships and a ship that is out here at anchor. It looks like a small, old cruise ship, is written in the in large letters „pilot“. The pilots Hotel.
We drive slowly into the port of Shanghai. The first trip to the lake here. Behind us and before us a ship in front of or behind the other.
When you create press two tractors (two Chinese characters plus numbers) the ship piece by piece on land. While we wait to tell the Filipinos. Always tell actually. Now with me. What I then so deserve. And if I will spend the money in Germany or in Asia. Then again the stories of retirees in the Philippines.
I get the first related „touted“. You live like a king 2,000 € in the Philippines. Do they. Great weather, great beaches, life and food is low.
Back to work. When you create is great tension again. The ropes must be right. I must also attach two of the ropes to the throwing line. What was that again with the nodes? So that the man does not need a knife ashore? It takes longer than the node before … We agree nor how to proceed with the next berthing and which hand signals are used. Not like shouting the Bosun. Very pleasant.
On the water side creates a tank and a waste vessel. My joy is great when I see that the sorted garbage bags all land on a big mountain. And even before the ship departs on our part to make three men to work and sort the garbage.Perhaps more meaningful way.
There are probably many containers unloaded. Approximately 70%. Thus we are here for some time and I can on land. Thanks to my card I have seen that is near a metro station. Quite a fair bit of work, but a little exercise does not hurt.So I’m doing me. The men who are at work to ask where it is going and hope you enjoy. Then I wait for the bus that takes one from the grounds.
The ride through the grounds takes several minutes. An endless city of thousands of containers that pile up here. A gigantic plant equipped with everything there is to the latest technology. There is also no Pfeiffer. The transport vehicles for the containers are designed so that the driver can see whether it is correct (without when the light goes on) or get on electronic displays to the crane legs appear so.
Even an entry by the security guard at the entrance to the harbor area in a book and there I am. Outside, in the industrial area of the largest container port in the world. A truck after the other. A few greasy „taxi drivers“ are still being turned down and then I walk off. On multi-lane roads, the truck parked partially in several rows and take on one of the „objects“ her dinner. So a state consists of a few little chairs, small tables, a table top, is on the kinds of food and is cooked on. For holding of the cold wind a tarp. It evaporated while I the walkway along run again out of the Plan. Then I pass even the „Tire service“. A man who, as clearly seen sleeping in a small shed beside the road, offers tire repair services.
Short later, we pass a relatively new housing estates of workers and in some factories. Everywhere there are just people on their way home. On electric scooters, some well dressed in down jackets with fur collars or what else might just fashion.
What I have not seen in my card the fact that although there is a four-lane road from the port area, but the walk is to somehow always a fence ends. Eventually I’m at a dead end, which is next to the fence. A woman playing with her children.I explain to her with hands that I like about the fence and the road that runs there and on the some people are traveling, want. She points to a location in the fence me. Seeking the door. No, here the fence is mounted so that one can simply climb over it. Good. Drüber I am. And in the direction of metro. On the way I’ll come to my joy still at an ATM and then finally the subway there. It takes almost an hour to the city center.
It is a path or a journey through worlds – from the humble stalls in the harbor, on the factory workers and returnees from the office, am towards overstimulated pedestrian area of Shanghai, offered everything back in the is.
I am doing some things, enjoy a good coffee and decide back for the last subway, which is already taking at 22 o’clock, as to cease to operate shortly before 23 o’clock the subways.
back at the actual entrance the „Free Trade Port Area“ I can convince a taxi from driving towards container port after several attempts. The language skills are each at zero, but we understand each other. He goes, I’ll show the way.When we are then bent the second street of the great, he does not want to continue anyway. Whatever the reason, perhaps him the area is too funny or he was here and never has problems with orientation. Well, is not far off. I get out and walk the remaining meter walk.
The bus brings me again to the ship, is being worked on actively.


Tuesday morning. Still is loaded. Good way for the cleaning of the bridge.Beautiful view up here. If you look around so, has something like a remote-controlled game. Somewhere someone sits and plays move ships. And now and then it looks like this, as if would play Battleship. Then the two potential counterparties move suddenly in opposite directions and at a sufficient distance past each other and it goes on moving with the ships. The number of large, medium and small vessels can not be recorded.
During the morning we leave the port. „Hai Gong 18“ and „20“ draw us into the middle of the river and then it goes with all the other ships on the sea.
All kinds of work on the ship, especially all get ready for the open sea. It goes to Korea. Already at 16 o’clock today Feierabend.
While we are leaving Shanghai and go to the open sea dozens of right and left ships. The Yangtse River colors the water a brown broth. Quiet it goes out to the open sea.
Employed a one hour stolen. Then standing at the door to the Dining rooms „1 hour ahead“. This morning also not oversleep.


Wednesday. In the morning again clean. The stairs and hallways. Just like always.
Throughout the day it is quiet on the sea. No waves. When the weather conditions it can emphasize good. Some of the winches have to be canceled.
The original schedule is a little shifted. So we are already at ten o’clock in the morning in the south of South Korea near the island of Jeju. Every now and then have time to explore a ship and some fishing boats.
We are on the approach to Busan. Busan is a city of about 4 million people in the northeast of South Korea. From about 22 clock is therefore „on duty“ is announced on the position. Wait. Ca. two hours before Busan can discover bright lights on the horizon. The sky is brightly lit them. There are fishing boats with extremely strong light – fishing and more for squid – multiple, large halogen spotlights.Totally amazing how the whole sky is lit up.
With reduced speed we drive through the strait. It rains a bit. The wind blows in the face. That does not stop us from making a few photos. Finally, we take a remarkably large bridge that is illuminated colorful. Only a tugboat helps us when equipped. This pushes the ship aft to the quay wall. Front handles this the thruster.
One has the impression, as if that would have us not really expected and have just woken someone who receives the ropes. Accordingly ambitious this is. Had I probably, if I could do it all by himself (usually there are three, four or even more times men who help there). It helps him while his little pickup truck to pull the ropes. At heave country he must, however, alone. The dock master telephoned several times. This amuses the others. It takes time. Even the captain for too long, the inquires by the radio, where it hangs for. And then knotted even the line ashore. Eventually we are, firmly moored at the quay.
After that the Rettungsflöse must be placed ready so they can contribute to the maintenance – maintenance interval for December 2014. We consider the organization behind it, so that these things can be maintained throughout the world and we in any port receive appropriate replacement liferafts.
At 1am going to bed.


Thursday. Throughout the night, some of the men worked. Morning Koreans comes into Chief Office, as I’m just there. He looks at me and asks, „Chief Master“? Slight smile from the actual Chief Master who then takes over …
Here in the harbor works from the outside not considered all that great. There are always delays. For example for the crane, as no containers are there.Should not bother me further. I’m waiting for the shore passes. It takes time before the agent arrives with it. Three people from the crew change. At 10 am they finally arrived, the passes for the shore.
Then the same game. Waiting for the bus, the customs man who wrote down anything, no entry in the shore pass and makes according to the rank asks …
One of Machinists and Stewart also go ashore. You want to „Texas Street“, is probably best known for the sailors. In Wikipedia is that one should avoid this road …
I’m going with them, as there is a station near the fabled road which certainly holds a cash machine ready for me. A quick look at the Texas Street. It is morning and not much going on, maybe therefore not so appealing. Has similarities with Hamburger quarters.
After the kind help of two police officers, where the nearest ATM is, I have Korean money in your pocket and can rise up towards the city center. At least I have identified it as a center due to the „City Hall“.
I ride the subway. All bilingual, so no problem. Everything is very clean, very well marked and in good condition. Actually, it looks like with us – you would have to change only the Asian faces and characters. So you would not notice much difference at first glance.
The people very much old, which may also be related to the time of day, are all very quiet. However, few smile and yet they are cute when they talk to each other. It’s very civilized.
I go to a simple restaurant, where some office workers just lunch. Order food with finger. The additional court that there are probably the daily special, the waiter gets to choose. Namely, it can read what is on the card. Not me. A small tour and then a good café of the same brand as my coffee. Very commendable that have made it this far. The few contacts that I have are all nice, although usually no or only a few words are English spoken.
Then it’s back to the subway, then walk a few yards and I’m back at the port.
At 15:30 loses the shore card valid. Who is this defines me unknown. For 17 pm, the departure of the ship was planned. When I arrive at the ship, it does not look after departure. For dinner, there’s is probably 19 o’clock. At 21h containers are still loaded.
There are wide containers and special racks loaded, which are separately secured on deck or below deck. That takes time. Some of the people on the deck, which probably belong to the company that will send the special container on the journey, take photos and selfies. These shifts do I think also one of the challenges that need to manage on board or in the shipping industry. The layers change, because suddenly have to spend anybody out there a few more hours.
To 21:45 it is then „on duty“ on the front deck. Pull the rope to the ship’s and then go fix. Filed. In the background the beautiful light show of the bridge. Then catch up the pilot ladder Shortly after the port and then that was it. „Midnight snack“ means the Bosun at Go in and we still graze the pots in the team dining room from. At 5 or 6 takes. I am awakened.


Friday morning. Driving on Kwangyang, also in South Korea. It’s 4:45. There it is again, the noise at the door. The Bosun wakes me. The pilot ladder, the störrige piece, the hull must be lowered. A quick coffee and then back out. The pilot is on board. At 5:30 pm we are finished. We are on „stand by“ remain. To 6:20 everything is prepared for the docking maneuvers.
As a motor of the winds stopped and all are gone you can enjoy the tranquility at the port. Silence. Still moves little. All ships in the natural harbor lie quietly on the water. Behind one of the hilltops the sky turns red slowly. 8 o’clock everything is settled and there is breakfast. Today once again one of the Toast Tomato Sausage Egg combinations.
In the port I will stay in port. There is no shore passes for here. Too bad. So I stay on board and spend the day with all sorts of read and write operations. In the afternoon, enjoy the sun and catch up on sleep. It has great need for sleep here. I think that makes a rocking tired and you you never know when the next late or early shift is pending.
Against 16:15 there is a knock – standby for depositing. There are only five containers to loading, as I should ever remove the rat protection. Some of the men with whom I have been working together fished and pulled a dozen small fish from the dock.
In the port everything is very quiet. It was, as far as I’ve noticed it, even lunch made, in which nothing has been loaded. Three other container ships are still on the quay and are dispatched. On the other side of the natural harbor basin are huge Industrieanalagen whose smoke and steam in the evening sun rises in the sky. For this, a further east installations steelworks of POSCO, the second largest steel mill in the world with an annual output of 18 million tons of steel (Wikipedia). Every year visit the plant to the 300,000 visitors. About the strait a gigantic bridge POSCO Steel is stretched.
Wait. After a short and light snow showers with a high of cool wind a wonderfully warm winter sun and also has been going slowly. Then a few photos, like almost every time in the harbor. The other question from whether they should do that.Some of them make some. Today it is ensured that the other two are increased on the photo and finally greater than I have. And everything always in a good mood.
Then we go. Rear pulls „Kangnam“, the tractor, the front working the bow thruster. And it has to go back everything quickly. Here operate a winch, place the ropes to another pulley, secure the winds. I get bit by bit transfer more tasks.Although they sound small, they all have to sit, because the entire process is coordinated. Once the lines are going, this is confirmed by radio to the bridge and then activates the bow thruster and the tractor pulls. A „sorry, but is not going“ would thenceforth bad.
It follows the dinner. Shortly thereafter, goes even the pilot board. Even the pilot ladder store and check all locks the hatches. With success, not all were properly secured. That’s it for today.
The Stewart has baked fresh yeast plaits – very delicious. I follow a bit the Philippine movie, the other scanning the dining and living room (from the early nineties, the quality of after) and then go to my cabin.


Saturday morning. There are only two weeks since I am on the ship. Slowly you get used to the procedures, you know where everything is and get a feel for the things that happen on board.
The ship has good all night rocked. In all directions, particularly from the right to the left. This made sleep a little difficult. Even if the waves are not even particularly high, as I note in the morning. Diverse lunges are needed and when brushing one clings better, otherwise there is a black eye from the tap. By the early afternoon the rocking stops.
So the morning cleaning of the stairway and the courses is underpinned by a little queasy. The lunch and a nap after helping re-establish the normal state.Then it goes with cleaning work further out. It’s probably not a lot (drinking) water on board. Therefore, the outside areas are cleaned with a mop. Make commanded slowly, because the afternoon to go round, too. After all, is Saturday.
Since this morning are the gulls back that are active today, especially behind the ship and dive for edible. A cold, strong wind blows, the sun shines again through the clouds. Chance are a few ships to see and repeatedly fishing boats.
Then the Bosun comes and does still work. To see more work. All containers and to check the struts, at one of the high-stacked, oversized containers are yet to install new ones. It is the other or not entirely clear why this needs to take place a few hours before Shanghai. No questions. Run. The last half hour of the afternoon shift is called for „keep quiet“ in the cabin.
Dinner. Fries, beans, pork plus a green salad, which my sitting next inconveniently eats even today.
Both morning and afternoon working fully. Shortly after 18 o’clock it is then „on duty“. We are far outside of Shanghai anchor (so far that I abbekomme no wireless network on the country this time).
With eye protection and bundled up thick I help the brake of the anchor chain to operated. Until sufficient chain in the water is repeatedly stopped the loud rattling chain, analyzed the situation and then left again to more water. Against a quarter past eight everything is done. That is it for today.

Sunday is actually a day off today. It is counter-quarter to ten first time to weigh anchor, so that we can count ourselves again in the long queue of ships that are on the way to the port of Shanghai.
A brief moment of joyful expectation of ensuing free Sunday is terminated quickly. Someone came up with the idea that you still have to clean the solution tank on the port side. I should not in the tank, maybe you’re afraid that I am entangled in the small holes. So I stay outside the tank and help from there.
After lunch a little work and then is free. The dinner is premature to take, because we have to be ready at 17:45 for the docking maneuvers. This time, we put a little further upstream at a quay at. To 19 pm, the docking maneuver is completed. At 19:45, the discharge starts. Below is a small armada of transport vehicles in anticipation of a container.
Against 20:30 then because the shore passes. Return please until 10 am Monday morning. I run on the terminal site, as no shuttle into view. If this is forbidden, someone will certainly get in touch. Beautiful on the eyes, because apart from the trucks, transport vehicles, now and again some small cars crosses sometimes one or the other container crane.
I go to the assumed direction of the output and hold my passport and shore leave pass the official way. The pointing me in a different direction. Again 10 min. to run. Then an officer who answers the shore pass. A too large uniform.But good care during the course, – the mouse in the center of it move about 5 x 5 cm large confirmation button. Takes brief but collapsed. I must get out.

Industrial areas have a special charm. Night takes on this. I trust my card and run towards underground. Eventually I walk a little faster, because the area is completely charmlos.
I’m meeting a friend whom I met here almost a year ago before. Two good, fresh tapped beers and a neat entertainment.
Despite visiting the mother I can into the apartment and nocturnal there on the mattress in the living room. Before thoroughly good Internet is still enjoyed.
Monday morning in Shanghai. It is 6 ° C cold. Everything flows to the underground. I rise at 8 o’clock in the same and very well stocked. Everything is going very civilized of Equip. The ride goes out into the „Free Trade Port Area“.Almost an hour with one change.
Back to the boat. Business as usual. A container after another is loaded onto the ship.
While I am pleased with my morning off knocks it. The Bosun brings the news that someone had had the idea, I could nevertheless times the sunrises and deck E – B, and clean the Poop Deck. Great idea. The morning passes without major interruption it goes after lunch at 12:40 on. „On duty“ on the front deck.Everything Preparing for depositing. A few photos and then all the containers have to be checked again. The next few days is expected storm. Thus everything else checked again and firmly lashed.
In the evening, about 18 o’clock, as will be made with the work, said the other O / S if he had worked for 6 am this morning. The Bosun adds to the bulk carriers, where he had previously worked, it would partially worse. When in port and before coal was loaded and comes next grain, then cleaned until everything is clean. Even without sleep.
The difference with tough jobs on land is the fact that it is there when work is completed home how uncomfortable it is also always. The jobs on the ships also, after a few months.


Tuesday morning – the night was pretty schauklig. In addition, muscle soreness has taken hold lash from the container. As a little relaxation is very appropriate by brushing. Thanks to-aligning learning outcomes in optimized work I make a precision landing for breakfast break.
On board ban on alcohol. Interestingly, there are traces of it in the trash.Certainly the country brought empty packaging, up to 5 liters in size.
In the afternoon I stroke a few pillars in the corridors between the containers. In yellow. Can I get back. And the beautiful „Festzurrschlüssel“ for lashing of containers. Where ever there is yellow color, these are also still the same yellow to paint.
The ship is always in motion. And it’s never real peace. Not really noisy but a not inconsiderable basic noise is present. Day and night. In the ship and in the cabin, the hum of the ventilation, the machine, the creaking of the container.Particularly when wind creaks getting somewhere and you can tell how to move the ship. On deck to the fan of the cooling container. And a slight permanent movement and a slight vibration.
Of the other I do not get much with. I see that one or the other has its own television in the rooms. You probably look much house movies in the evening, says the other O / S when he asks me what I’m doing because so all the time.
We pass the lake road between Taiwan and mainland China.


17:12. -. 04.01, on the container ship – south china sea II

Wednesday. The days pass quickly. Although they usually start in relation to the work with cleaning the stairs and corridors. Well, someone has to do it.
After the morning break, it then goes to the front of the vessel. In the 5th floor below the main deck. Where the bow side thruster is. Rust removal is called for.This raises the question of who is rumgeklettert here and has found that there is rust. Where there is actually rust everywhere. It is only the question of the thickness and intensity. The whole Reinigerei comes an at least initially a little exaggerated ago. But who was ever on a small boat, who knows that cleanliness is elementary. And so it is here, too, with far greater intensity.
On the upper deck is partly a millimeter thick salt layer has formed on the deck.Only through the salty air and the spray. Waves I come as far as it can see no on’s deck. On the poop comes to the soot of the chimney so.
After lunch will rusted perk -. With mouth and ear protection
How fine are the men with whom I work, shows the determination of one of the two, as we run the tea break. „We forgot a photo when you were down there.“Remarkable. At such moments I think about again and again how this is so, if an Asian in Germany or Europe doing an internship.
The sea is relatively calm. Long large waves pull over the endless expanse. A beautiful sunset in the cloudless, clouded only by a little smog sky. We go all the time very close (just outside the 12 m zone) along the coast, due to bad weather that prevails in the open sea.
Even if the waves are not very high so the ship will always belong to the right or left side. So you already adapts to the day when running on top of the inclination of the vessel. Just wait until it tilts back to the other side, it runs itself much easier. Towards evening increases the rocking.
In the evening, the onboard shop is then also at 18 pm. The person in charge is taken entirely clear from his task. However, he masters the output of drinks, tipping and confectionery and care needs easily. In the storage room my eyes discover „Tsingtao“ (Chinese beer, which has more or less German roots – from the time when German colonial occupiers early 20th century were in China).Perhaps for the big Christmas dinner.
As I have somehow not yet moved me enough today, I go into the „Gym“, the onboard gym. An approximately 16 m2 room where some more or less kept in good shape fitness equipment, table tennis and a small stereo system are. For Slavic dance pop I ride my bike and try the „Stepper“.
After that clean the cabin – the other makes of Stewart, the O / S still make itself.


Thursday, as I notice is the last week before Christmas. No Christmas rush here on board. Business as usual. By last information of Bosun we arrive in Jakarta on 23. Christmas thus takes place either in Jakarta or on the open sea.
In the morning, as always, the same. Today, however, with a break. As I wipe just before the captain’s cabin comes by the captain. He tells me that I would indeed until the end of January while, right? He also brings again his astonishment expressed. When he would get the message that someone wants to ship’s without prior experience for two months, he had but very surprised. A German as „Deck Hand“, in a ship with Filipinos. I tell him what I’m doing otherwise.
The romance in the shipping industry would be since 15-20 years there, he says.And if one wants to make good money, then one must adopt a higher category.Then he told yet that his daughter studies in Cologne, one semester in Mannheim at the university was and now makes an internship at BMW in Munich. And leave they make probably soon in Bavaria. The otherwise neutral facial expression of the big, strong man brings in the course of the conversation again and again produced a laugh. Very nice. Then I still get to do that in bad weather no flip flops are better to wear. Otherwise no problem. On board usually have all shorts and flip flops indoors. Once it comes to work, the red overalls is pulled on, tightened safety shoes and dressed now and then the helmet. The Filipinos usually bind a T-shirt as a scarf over her head.
In the break-generated film is seen through a bulk ship. In between is as always much talked and laughed. I understand logically nothing. Every now and again a number which is namely Spanish. And the names of the ports.
In the locker room there is then every now and then even wisdom from the seafaring life. For example, „If you are at home, you want to See, if you’re at sea, you’d go home“. Or „If you at home a wake, especially to an uncomfortable time, then you say in“ Leave me alone, or the English version of it, on the ship telling no matter what time of day „Thank you“.
Since the morning breakfast break be the twist locks, which are available in three versions, first sorted and then greased. So part weighs a good three kilograms. And there are damn many of them. Thus, the O / S and I alternate – times must a press the grease gun, times must a force the fat in the twist locks.The O / S asks me all kinds of things and we talk about fruit in the different countries where I have been, if I was in the Philippines, and more. More than 100 coconut trees he has at home, with his parents. The coconuts are processed into dried fruit.
On the port side not allowed to run more, because up there the waves on the main deck. Towards evening the rocking is fierce. The soup spills already at lunch on the plate. Everything that is not nailed down and never moves. The ship fights clearly felt by the lake. On the chair must be stated in part, so you do not tip over.


Friday morning. Almost over, the next working week. The night have probably all not really slept well, because the ship was rocking steadily. That’s about as if someone, sometimes only once every 1 -2 minutes slightly lifts every few minutes the bed on one side, then settles back and the body tries not to roll away. Deep sleep is different.
By default, the daily floor cleaning. The captain peeping sometime a look around the corner, as he passes by the stairs.
Lubricating ointments and helps everywhere – the same goes for the other a few hundred twistlocks and other container closures on board. This is the glorious day task. Also, the O / S is enthusiastic clearly. Two other men may include all parts.
Night Lunch it is very hot in the sun. The sea has calmed down a bit, but the ship rolls still good.
The message of the day is that the total alcohol ban was lifted on board and one may well consume per month a box full of cans of beer and 2 bottles of hard liquor on board now , That will be funny.


Saturday. The usual morning ritual. Then again lubricate the twistlocks.Approximately at 587. Twistlock that I hold in my hand, I consider then, who had the idea with the great Marine. The idea is washed by one of the next waves in the depths of the sea.
After the morning break I help the Bosun at greasing of all poles and steel cables of the lifeboats. Thus in an emergency all hits well.
After lunch, we can not go on with the work. Today is Saturday and now is really working only in the morning. Very nice.
To 15:20 is then „drill in case of steering failure“. Everyone gets shown how the ship is to be controlled directly in the engine room. In the event that the autopilot or manual control on the bridge fails.
After that all need to bridge. These are times about 8 floors up. The captain informed that the „dry policy“ is abolished. Anyone can consume a certain amount of alcohol as long as it ensures that he’s sober up service start. How long does it take to be sober, is not told. For this and for the exact blood values there are off-hook.
And the prospect of two grilled pork is also given – one on December 25, as a kind of Christmas dinner. The second on the weather and port Driving on 1 January. With beer. And to top it all, the announcement that the swings at midnight probably stop.
After dinner I sit down to the other in their residence and dining room. Saturday night, because surely a film is seen. It runs most of the time the TV. A hard drive with all sorts of movies. Also all kinds of Philippine productions were with. I ask how old they are – so to the seven years. I can not believe it, because for me like as if they are from the eighties or nineties.

The film, which is selected is called „Machine Gun Preacher“. About rescues an American who children on the border with South Sudan against the rebels.Times with the faith, sometimes with the MG. Hard to believe that this is a true story. According to the credits, from the year 2011, the good man acts there still.
In the evening there will be less with the swings, but it keeps the night still on.
Sunday. The sea is calm. Finally. The ship therefore also goes smoothly over the sea. The sun is shining and it’s warm outside. It does not happen much.
Even a new jumpsuit from Chief Master and the message that the detergent comes to an end. But there is the „emergency“ nor a stock. And that I, or rather after 1 am four hours, „security watch“ on the bridge did tonight tomorrow morning. At 15 o’clock is still „room check“. If I have not mentioned it so staying here reminds me in part to a mixture of „construction“ and „UNION“. It is asked whether everything is in order, if the window is tight, no water from above or else where drips. A few test looks in all directions. That’s it. Usually it was now for the weekend, the BUND.
Otherwise rest and a lot of time. I enjoy the sun and the clear view of the bright blue translucent water on the foredeck. The bar is unsteady weather not opened for reasons today.
The others have the pirates assurance attach. The last few days I have learned that the „pirates“ here in Asia dramatically less than those in Africa. In Africa is hijacked and taken prisoner. Here you are (probably) just looking for recyclable.
Today is the winter solstice – the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, the longest in the southern hemisphere. We are still in the northern hemisphere, the equator will eventually crossed tomorrow morning.


Monday morning, December 22, shortly before 1am. I am going on the bridge, the „Navigation Deck“. It’s like getting darkened and the lights in the stairway in front turns off automatically when you open the door to the bridge. The eyes need a little time to get used to the darkness. At the votes can be seen who else is on the bridge. The Second Chief on duty, as every day 0:00 to 4:00 and then again 12 to 16 AM. Then even the other O / S, I transfer and one of the A / B, which is still a little bit.
I „take over“ and look at the water. After some time, asked the Second, if could I ever so down a ship. Then is switched from „autopilot“ to „Manual“ and for a good half hour I steer the ship. 168 degrees south. Works like with the little ones. The maximum speed of the vessel is just over 15 knots (28 km / h).Actually it is higher, but derated due to high fuel prices. We could travel, as we have done the last few weeks in about one-third carry up to half the time, if we go to maximum speed that can make the ship actually (is about 25 knots).
Then I still get all the instruments explained. We talk about this and that, on the Philippines, my travel, religion and more. In between the water surface is always checked whether anything suspicious is it. This is feasible only in a limited degree, because it is logically dark. Really dark. Not light polluted like everywhere where civilization. A ship comes to meet us. I can then call on the radio yet, and ask how we happen to us (both port side). Otherwise, very few ships to spy on the road and to the horizon. More does not happen here.
In the sky, the most grandiose starry ever be seen. We go directly to the „Southern Cross“, About us holds „Jupiter“ radiant guard. Otherwise, all are there. Who needs shooting stars have to drive only on’s open sea. There is plenty. The Second are someday wishes considered, he said.
Counter shortly before 5 I can go then thankfully. The last half hour was exhausting and retired to the length. At 4 o’clock in the A / B had already been replaced. For me is no more separation. It is already bright and you can already see far over the water surface. The second was replaced by Chief at 4am.

I get yet received the good news that I should announce myself only at 13 o’clock at the Bosun. The morning is free. „Rest“, recreation, a very important word here on board. It is very sure that everyone gets enough rest. Lack of sleep affects analogous to alcohol consumption on the body.
Monday morning the Second. The day brings nothing particularly exciting. Since guard on Tuesday morning is announced again, it goes to bed early.

So I’m back 1:00 to 5:00 on the bridge (sitting is not) and look at the water.Today, nothing special.
After a good hour of sleep goes then at 6:45 AM directly preparing for the arrival in Jakarta los. The pilot comes a little out of the port on board. Then it goes through the harbor entrance towards Kai. Turn once more and then we are on the quay.
Below are just the men ready to be cast off the container and the new are’m ash again. Looks at first glance more like a group Halbstarker who was obliged to work just outside the gates of the port. It is expected visit of the ship and so I should „Beautify“ the bridge a little. A group of the container terminal looks at the ship.
We stay overnight I opt for a ride into town. Only a little hesitant, because here I was not, and no idea how the Indonesians are like that. In the harbor area and ever. About the App „hostelworld“ I look at that hostel in the downtown area and make myself so the gates of the container terminal. There already are some waiting motorcycle taxis. To have price negotiations with no idea of prices is always difficult. I need anyway only an ATM. The is also equal to a few meters after the exit. Equipped with money we push us through the traffic, accompanied by dust and heat. The trip by motorbike taxi takes a good half hour. Passing slums we meander until between trucks and cars pass toward downtown.
After a few minutes in the hostel we head towards a mall. Move I pass a music store and can thus get the required long guitar strings for guitar Stewarts / Messman. There is only a misunderstanding, no, not a whole guitar, only the strings. In the mall there is everything – from electrical accessories to clothing.People are reserved or friendly. Still a little fruit and then go to the hairdresser.He is like from another time. With Boxenkabel the razors are wired. All kinds of small little glasses for powder and other stuff. Guaranteed everything disinfected. Of himself.
For dinner I walk a quarter of an hour in the old Dutch quarters. On the large, Old Town Square (Taman Fatahillah) everything is prepared for the evening just.Lots of people sitting on the floor and take all kinds of food to be. Small stands everywhere. The women partially veiled her head, sometimes not. A very pleasant atmosphere with various live music of street bands in the background.
I sit down in a restaurant that was recommended to me from the hostel. A local restaurant. A man serve me. Alcohol there is no. He sits down to me and asks where I’m from. We talk while I eat two servings of food. Aruan, a boxer. Has 1972 boxed for Indonesia in Munich. He says goodbye cordially with a typical Boxer greeting and then I walk back.
So it goes on Wednesday morning at 7 am by taxi through the morning traffic, which is still pleasant at this time, back to the harbor. The city reminds a little bit of Calcutta, however advanced, is not quite as messy. And yet a lot of poverty.With 9.58 million inhabitants (2010) in the city proper, it is the largest city in Southeast Asia with about 30 million inhabitants (2014) in the metropolitan area is the second largest metropolitan area worldwide. (Wikipedia)
Back on board it comes to the bridge, which will be cleaned again. Somewhere in the corridors I meet the captain, grinning friendly.
After the break, then „on duty“. While I run to the front deck seems to me one of the Indonesian workers receive on board and tugs at my gloves. The he would like, which are namely new. Since I had to wheedle this itself has only one of the superiors they remain in my possession.
Then I sit down with the O / S on the front deck and we wait. The water is very dirty. The O / S said in the Philippines they have in the malls started to ban plastic bags.
Is We talk about the different types, such as on the bridge guard held. I learn something about „Pulatan“ small meal allowances while drinking in the Philippines. Most green mango with salt, chicken and other stuff. But never rice, which is only for the right food.
Something is wrong with the containers. Some will again put ashore to them afterwards to hoist back on board. Tetris for Big. The containers were loaded in the wrong order – too heavy was too far up.
Actually, also are three large bags of charcoal are brought aboard the vessel.But somehow for the release not there yet and there is no. Therefore heave one sack away from board and then at 15 o’clock fasten the crane follows the instruction. But no coal for the ship. If something is not working, then it does not work – the crane is not working. Since then you have ran the board electrician.
Then wait again. Finally put Around 16 o’clock.
Thursday morning, in the early night, shortly after 1 am, while just all sit in Germany at the Christmas tree, lit with me in the cabin, a red light on the wall and a buzzer sound accompanies this. It has no one told me that I again but guard have something tells me now that it is so. So I dress as a precaution.Since knocking already the O / S and says „watch“. I walk on the bridge – „Merry Christmas“
Today again drive a bit manually. From 21 degrees to 345 degrees. Toward Singapore. Otherwise it will remain tonight again quietly on the water.
In the morning, it is the 25th of December, the rear deck is cleaned. Preparing for the Christmas celebration. Then the pig is placed on a spit and rotated by Messman over the coals and twisted and turned. The captain gives the OK for the first beer. Tastes good, overlooking the deep blue ocean and a radiant sun on bright blue sky. Next it goes with the preparations and piece by piece (not provided on the bridge or in the engine room worked) spin the rest of the crew on the rear deck a. About us, so to speak, as a sunscreen a few dozen containers are stacked. There are various seafood, salad, baked buns (in one of them is a coin for good luck hidden) and a chocolate cake. And of course, eventually the sow. The Filipinos are settling at a group of chairs and tables, the Slavs other at one. The chief engineer then said sometime that I should sit with them. A vodka with the captain and a few beers.

If one or the other it’s like everywhere, the alcohol loosens the tongue. And there are stories from previous years. There are ships, as „shopping on board“ is operated. Just once looked on the loading list, what there is so and if that coincides with the hunger for chocolate after dinner or the like to wine, then „shopped“ in the container. It can then also be times that in or on the Jaguar on board is a party or a Mercedes rolls only with replacement tires disembark because home needs one for his Mercedes new tires … But stories that at other ships every week or very often grilled and it is also bound to talk into the sea – machine and from the deep end. All this has happened to other ships, none of it on board.
With some rest as a break in the afternoon there is then in the evenings on the deck. However terminated early by a rainstorm. That was Christmas, 2014.


Friday morning begins again with „safety watch“. As the last nights 1:00 to 5:00.The last hour draws mostly a little uncomfortable. Tonight, however, is already a lot going on, because we are on the approach to Singapore and we are definitely not the only ones out here at sea. The one or the other ship comes to meet.One, on a collision course, does not respond to the question by radio on which side one meets (passes to each other). Time for the laser pointer – the ship in about 8 km distance clearly reflects the green light beam and then react promptly. We continue through the crossing ships and a few dozen that are far outside before Singapore moored. Counterpoint Five then the redeeming message of the other A / B  „Mark, you can go.“
On the drive is still remarkable to see how far the night shines a city in the distance. Already more than 80 km before Singapore was clearly visible in the sky, the reflection of the lights of the city in the sky.
After three hours of sleep it knocks again. The usual program – Prepare only the head of the pilot. This time with stairs, as the deck is very far above the water surface. On the front deck roll the ropes a bit, ready to put that little canvas which is mounted at the beginning of each Taus, set back on the curb, the heaving them ready and some other things. And then wait for the tractor and the thruster pushes the boat to the corresponding quay wall.
For lunch out everything is done only once. After eating just catch up on some sleep and then four pallets food and another three pallets of other supplies on board are still managed. The eating may also be the same even packaged and stowed. Everything in the pouring rain.
Against 14:00 am I then dismissed, so that I can move up to 15:00 disembark.But only for a few hours, because even at 19 o’clock I am to be back on board.Since no bus comes I walk to the gate – it’s damn far, it is nice and warm and it is raining. Well, I was looking forward to a short stay on land, I would also like to have. So I come after a long walk finally at the customs post. Short paperwork and then I can get out.
On the way back to the ship I run again, because I do not see any buses and it’s already after 18 o’clock. Move then holding a small truck, the drive here through the area and do all sorts of work. The driver asks where I was going. I call it the bus stop, which is directly in front of the ship. He drives me right in front of the ship.
At 22:30 pm the „on duty“, followed by the landing maneuvers. To 0:15 says the O / S I should go now. I, after all, at 1:00 pm Guard. After 30 minutes of inactivity, it then goes on to the bridge. The other two are clearly visible tired.You have almost worked all day, after the last night shift until 5am. The ride is quiet. Nevertheless, it pays to keep your eyes open. The officer and the A / B always look back on the radar, which is extremely helpful. It shows the predicted path of all ships, the smallest distance when passing and you can thanks to „AIS“ ( „Automatic Identification System“) also query how the other ship is, where it breaks forth and what type of ship it is and some other information. AIS all vessels have over a certain length.
Thus, the Second discover at some point that we get two ships ahead of us to close. He looks where both want to go, and she calls it, since both go to starboard and we turn to port. A few degrees to port one a few degrees to starboard of the other, please. And we can go in the middle. One ship said then if only he could so do not drive. Too late he gets told to change please immediately quote from Second. We are through the two and then turn to port.
We pass „Horsburgh Lighthouse“, a very famous lighthouse and the show office for entry to Singapore. Built in 1851 on a small group of rocks ( „Pedra Banca“) and named after Captain James Horsburgh, a Scottish Hydrographer, the late 18th and early 19th century, many sea routes mapped to Singapore around. He was called „the nautical oracle of the World“. (Source: Wikipedia)
All vessels that pass here and enter from the east in the „Strait of Singapore“ must report. The traffic on the water is regulated similarly to a highway here as on the Elbe. One side of pure, the other side out. In addition, also as on the highway, the slow right. At 5 am then like the nights before the redeeming „you can go“, but the same with the addition of „be ready at about 10 o’clock.“


Saturday. The sun is shining, the sea is calm, a perfect day for rest. But a few hours it is still working. The others are puzzled why I am already awake at 10am.Statement that is of course running. More Stow yesterday’s inventories and material replenishment for colors and accessories. The good news at lunch is that it afternoon are an exercise for the launch of the lifeboat today and therefore no longer necessary to work after dinner. Finally catch up sleep. 15:20 then the „life boat drill“. If it had been an emergency, I would not have written this text.But it’s an exercise there.
After that all collecting what is not nailed down, we go to Vietnam.
The pirates have all weekend, which is the really good news of the day. Thus, no night shift on the bridge is necessary. The pirates flood defense and the additional lights are also degraded. And finally back to sleep through the night. A few movies and to the cabin. At 21h no longer be seen from the other. Silence everywhere.


Sunday is closing day. Almost. For an hour we have to get out and fix a few things. That’s it. A few films, Blog and Sport. the day fast is over. It also begins again to rock a little to. Without the Schaukelei has meanwhile forget that you are on a ship.


On Monday we start with the standard morning program. After lunch the pilot dew comes in Vung aboard. After „on duty“ is announced in the cabin. We ride the river toward Saigon upwards. During the break, I go to the bridge and may here enjoy the view. And a pilot experience them live. Considering that he does not have the full responsibility (which is still kept by the master, except in Pananakanal because it has the pilot) it behaves quite like.
Have, as everywhere on the river some problems the speed, in the case our ship to assess properly. The unmistakable ship’s horn is therefore actuated frequently. What the one or other junk gives a longer life.
Then, the docking maneuvers. We are once filmed entirely in the river in front of the container port of Saigon and then pushed to the wharf. After a few pallets food and drinks were brought aboard the vessel and stowed even I can then leave the ship towards the city. Many go ashore. I drive to the city. On the way there already the first offer of massages. A bit of fruit, beer, drinks and then back at the bar Internet and draft beer. The return trip is classic – past endless truck and a bit kamikaze. At midnight I’m back on board.


Tuesday. Here you are in the harbor this time faster than expected and so it is already knocking at 5:30 am. Landing maneuvers. From 6:30 to 7:30 then again sleep a round. Breakfast and get out into the fresh air. When the work on board is a challenge and there is in my view still the difference between „on deck“ and „the engine room“. There is namely always warm to hot, noisy – despite noise – and fresh air at sea and the good view you get down there ever anything with.
The O / S has telephoned to 3 am, same the Bosun. „I have said it no other way.“ Fatigue to a bit of connection home. Only in the harbor the men get cheap phone cards, which are then used to exit. So the joy is great that we have along the Vietnamese coast mobile network for a long time.
Then it’s’m ash container and do it all fixed. Two at the top center are mutually incorrect. There Extra struts are attached. These are then approximately 5 m long iron bars that the lower latching holes of the container in about 5 – must be hooked 6 m height. The other happy that I have a certain advantage with my height and the iron bars definitely easier than they can snap up there.Otherwise, the anchor will be specially secured by steel cables and straps. And the Bugstrahlruderlüftungen closed. Starting today for the next three days, we expect bad weather, said the captain ( „Cap“ in radio communications) over the radio. Hardly are the words of the captain died away it begins already with the rocking. „Crazy horse“ means the Measuring Man.
In the afternoon then the Container mooring. The Vietnamese still have some left over to work. The sea raises big waves in long valleys. The one or the other breaks the port side. Therefore there is also Begehverbot.
Shortly before dinner then get out. Actually, since the coffee break „Quiet behave in the cabin“ prescribed. But one of the refrigerated containers in the upper row is not working. Thus, we are preparing for the electrician before everything, so that it can rise into the air. I must leaving the place early.
After eating it knocks again. Nothing more should be expected. Had I fancy a few short. In Vietnam is all fun low, so the alcohol, others say and show me proudly the „Napoleon“. A brandy. A favorable droplets. In addition there Pulatan and „300, 2nd episode“.


Wednesday, New Year’s Eve. The sea is a little upset, the sun is shining, partially blue sky. In the morning, the standard program. And then check again all containers, whether they are still firmly lashed and lashed. This take at first the question „was it made just yesterday.“ It then noted, however soon as the constant motion of the ship affects the thread of the metal framework. Stark loosening. As if you could completely forget yesterday a large number, there is a lot to follow suit.
It is still unclear when, then, is the New Year’s celebration. Actually today. But it does not look like. Even the weather will remain poor. During the morning it was relatively pleasant, the rocking was limited. At lunch, I ask the captain if it is already better than. Anything but that. From tonight worse, only on Friday again slowly improving. The New Year’s party is therefore planned for Saturday.
The deck crew a little misunderstanding is spreading, why must work full today.There is nothing more critical time to do, only maintenance. Also tomorrow, there will be no free time. The Bosun definitely reached that the morning is ever free.
I am invited to „small“ New Year’s party of the team tonight.
In the afternoon I’ll do some maintenance work indoors. Then we are on the foredeck. The work is adapted to the time available. I still wonder why the bucket with a T-shirt of the O / S is brought. Preliminary celebration on the foredeck. A few beers in the slowly setting sun. These stories, which is just in the Philippines going. Again a typhoon, the last for 2014. And now party is all over the streets.
The Bosun then told yet that it ahead of its time (it began with me his service in Singapore) were problems in the team, because the had previous Bosun problems and this brought into the team. Now people are much better now, although it would be a little difficult with the old A / B. The are always complaining so much. And I’m learning what „seafood“ is. If the food is not good, then there is „food“ for the „sea“.
Immediately after dinner I then sit down with the Filipinos and getting from Bosun also equal purposed a bottle of vodka. These run movies and as always talk all that much, so that the consequences of the conversations in the movies usually makes a little hard.
Eventually the Oiler comes into the lounge and said I should come along. All were waiting for me. Not really. I have the honor to join to the New Year’s celebration at the „Upper“. In living room and study (both the Captain and the First Engineer and the Chief have a bedroom with bathroom and a connected living room and study, approximately 30 m 2 all together) of the First Engineer sit the captain, First Engineer, the Second Officer, the Second Engineer, the Oiler and the electrician. And now I. The talks I do not often participate because they find most in Russian or Bulgarian instead. But I must communicate to drink.Vodka, whiskey or beer. There are also anti-alcoholic. The Chief Engineer raises every now and then a look at the wall, pick between new beer and grab something from the delicious pork belly. On the wall hangs a small control screen, transmitting the main data of the machine. After running as usual without interruption. The Second is eventually to the bridge, it is the chief now. Run in the background Bulgarian music videos.
At midnight then a traditional Bulgarian music is inserted. So a bit of a typical sounding march. At home would always speak, starting at 23:50, the president.Then follows the „march“. Each year. The First Engineer and the captain dancing short, every man for himself. Then we focus all back the whiskey, vodka, beer and thinners.
Against 0:30 I say goodbye and go again to the Filipinos. A little rest is still there.A very warm „happy New Year“ of each individual. The Bosun place despite the advanced hour some beautiful words as they are happy that I am here and hope that it’s fun. And that work is not the greatest, but he tries to make all as pretty as possible.
Against 2:30 we clean up the remains and stagger to bed. The ship sways heavily.


Thursday, the 1st day of the new year. At 12 o’clock the knocking Messman and thinks that one would have to make a signature to the captain. This sits good condition in his office. Any amounts must be confirmed. The ship will vary further. Otherwise nothing to do today.


Friday, January 2. The sea is calmer, even if it still rocks. Tonight it was violent.The one time or another but hits the ship clearly felt in the troughs. You can learn this and sleeps with one side of the body to the wall. This prevents the rolls in two directions, thus reducing the burden on the body in the form of tension to lie there at one point.
Standard morning program. Since we will cut up before the break pallets for firewood realized that today is the Christmas dinner. Drink Again. The O / S denies this for themselves. Sequelae. We both should again inspect all containers. Again a lot of metal threads are loose. The smell when you go through between the containers, so changes despite strong sea wind again.There are nondescript industrial odor and also container with coffee and what with wine. That one is the coffee smells good in the wine less.
After lunch, the charcoal fire is then fired up and slightly later comes another pork on a skewer on the grill. Nearly four hours sizzles the animal over the hot coals. There are definitely some pros here yet. In the Philippines pork grilled in some regions very often. To listen to one or the other even at the knocking on the rind, if the animal because certainly is stuck and other small, pointed pieces of wood into the skin, so that the fat can drip off. Alternately always turns a pig, wipes the fat from the rind and looks that the glow is hot enough. This keeps the afternoon employs over a larger mob of men. A few beers help. In between a few shots on the basketball hoop.
The second looks at the sea, as we pass a fishing boat. In the endless sea this not so small fishing boats looking out completely helpless, as so up between the shafts and abschaukeln. He also finds it remarkable and says „these are real seaman“. We always happen fishing boats. On the coast of Vietnam, there are the typical colorful wooden boats. Close to Hong Kong, it is the large, heavy boats, in red and black, as are known from the Typhon Shelter. And before the remaining coasts of China there are mostly gray ships, which, if so rocking in the water and the light is like today very glaring as ghost ships look. Through the glaring sun and the sometimes garish-bright water surface, the partially rusty barges. Seem quite inanimate
evening then meet all the meal in the lounge. But even there the separate seating arrangement is respected. A little hard to understand. The captain know at a glance and the words „Markus“ me to a place at the table of leadership or Slavs. Is a little weird to sit so isolated. In addition, they talk most of the time in Bulgarian or Russian. But is indeed meant nice and so I enjoy there my beers with Romanian music videos in the background, which were added to a hot season. The chief engineer then said at some point that they now continue to drink with him, I might like to go. I stay sitting a little in the Philippines and then go to bed soon.


On Saturday morning, the default program after breakfast. Create a few minor repairs and then the remains from the BBQ at side and clean the cover. That was it. After lunch, there is no more work, because there is a „fire drill“ at 15:20.“Fire in Cargo Hold 2″. Because wait a few tasks for me, according to safety & fire plan. For practice there is not much to say, as well as the last time, just hope that nothing happens.
Sports and movies finish Saturday.  A beautiful Sunday morning. Sun to include the 10 – 15 ° C degrees and the sea is calm. As the body is brought by swings realize how one sleeps differently, when things are not rocks. Today is nothing special planned out the approach to Shanghai tonight.


05:01. -. 1.10, on the container ship – east china sea II

Monday morning, Shanghai. The joy on the shore is short-lived, because apparently we place already at 13 o’clock again. When I look out my window, I can believe, because the ship is still partially discharged though barely. But discussing would not be appropriate. And for three hours out makes no sense.So I dedicate myself as completely adequate alternative to the morning Standard program adds to the bridge.
From 11 am I then free and can work a little. At 13 o’clock we put not off, but only at 15:30. Quite as many containers as usual are not gotten. Especially at the front and rear is very empty. The ship then after loading at the port every time is how a little different.
While we leave the port it is cold, the visibility is due to the smog is not very far and the murky water gives the whole mood of the rest. Slide over the water again countless ships. A large flock of birds flying very closely and in a long line on the water surface, flying over one of these ships, that is in the selected flight.Vogel bird on the ship and then again in the vicinity of the water surface. What must have thought.
While the pilot gets on the bridge cozy and we count ourselves to the other outgoing vessels examine my two companions (the Bosun and the other O / S, we usually work as a team of three, frequently supplemented by a A / B) all container and pull this. Where the dockers had forgotten or no longer wanted.
At dinner the responses of Messman who compiles for the pilot the food, to my question, if the pilot is thirsty, „they are always thursty When They are on board“.After dinner, it goes straight out again. We have to wait long until we come in sight of the „Pilot cruise ship“.

The big issue of the day is the downfall of an ore carrier off the coast of Vietnam before two days ago. 18 Filipino seamen perished, only the Koch survived. So one of the three told endlessly. The Bosun then translates the abstract: „Good people have no way to improve, bad already. The chef was probably a bad and God wanted to give him a chance yet. “ Seafaring thoughts …
After that everything made storm proof. There will be bad weather again. As every time we go to the sea. But that would be all no bad weather herein, the Bosun. The Bay of Biscay would have it, for example in itself. At night one hour then stolen and it rocks a bit.


Tuesday. A normal day without port. The standard program in the morning. Also, the O / S wonders what that is. A little much of Reinigerei. Since we are done long before the morning coffee break is „dependent“ is announced in the garbage room.
Outside there is quite stormy. The rest I spend on the bridge and take a few photos. Although we are hundreds of kilometers from China fishing boats with a large inscription „China“ s there and be rocking through the waves.
After dinner, I then the glorious task to remove grease stains. It bothers me as well but also none and it Impossible to miss the checks. It is relatively cold and extremely windy, the one time or another I have to hold on. The sun is shining and the sea is deep blue. In between time to time fishing boats. In the distance, the snowcapped peaks of the island JeJu be seen.
Actually, only at 16 o’clock closing. Premature, because we are now working night. The rest of the men, however, is of the opinion that we should keep quiet after the coffee break. In the rooms. Create presentations and get sleep after or before. The projected working shifts early 23 o’clock tomorrow.


Wednesday morning at 1am it knocks again. Raus, wrap thick, pilot ladder down ropes them ready, remove anchor security and so on. Shortly after three, we’re done with everything.
Outside it really gets going. The containers are exempt from the lashings, which can be traced to the deck in the loud crack of metal thread. The cranes are moved into position, accompanied by loud Gepiepe, for security reasons. The ventilation is in full swing. In this melange of all sorts of noises you can gently let lull you to sleep.
I’ll take late breakfast, then wait for the shore pass. At 10 am this is because then. While I in Chief Master Office, I can wait for the ball to experience a little operational handling. The Bulgarian Chief explained the Korean employees of container shipper that on the freight bill, the indication of the packing at a dangerous mission is missing (according to dangerous Regulation must be specified for transporting dangerous goods in class 4, in which package they are, since they must be permanently dry). That does not just go from Equip understood. So even the agent is consulted by telephone. I leave before the problem is resolved, the office and the ship.
It goes beyond the small area of the container port in the customs office. A brief look at the crew list and on the Shore pass through customs officials and then I’m already there. From the subway and the local fish market. According to the Internet is a must. And the Internet is right. Endless stalls sea Getieren in size and nature as I have not seen before. Directly behind freshly caught squid are loaded on the quay wall, partly as a frozen ice blocks. Lunch will therefore also in the harbor instead – raw fish and kimchi.
Then I take the subway to a very nice beach, the degree is more secure even more beautiful at 30 ° C. At present, we are perhaps just 5 ° C degrees. A coffee and a waffle, briefly the largest department store in the world and the backpack with supplies filled back to the ship.
On time at 18 o’clock I’m back on the ship. The Bosun has service to the rising conductors and asked where I was. He and a few others were on land, „all you can eat“ in the Texas Street. On board I may then clean the bridge. Where we are not just on the move.
To 21:45 then make everything ready for it drop. I have taken Tripod and photo on’s forecastle. Even though the camera a little stoppages has in approaching freezing temperatures. The bridge across the port exit is back in illumination and we take a few pictures. A coin into the sea ensures that the lighting is not switched off today as early as yesterday.
At a quarter past eleven everything is done so you can go to sleep well ventilated.

Barely reached the third deep sleep on Thursday morning someone knocks again. I not believe my eyes, but it’s just 4:45. And -6 ° degrees outside, felt definitely a few degrees less due to wind and wind. So we put the pilot ladder ready and prepare for the Vordereck lot. For a good forty-five minutes then drink coffee and any film sprinkler. Then it’s out again. While we are on the front deck in the icy wind I think about whether I want the cold this year hurt me again.Clear no.
We are in Kwangyang. The docking maneuver takes place in the length. The mooring men do not seem to be really awake or experienced. We place directly next to another ship and then the ropes intersect at the bollards. This is generally not a problem when they are properly superimposed. But if they are not. Thus, to explain to the men on land that the cables need to be bent with language problems and high distance attempts. The neighboring ship from Korea, which is the number of languages involved fortunately reduced. Korean, Tagalog and English suffice for a docking maneuver. The captain asks radio impatient to what’s going on, „The main thing at least two ropes remain fixed, otherwise we drive off“. A crewmember of us then goes ashore and help. Shortly before eight we firmly and you’re done.
Breakfast and then standard morning program. Then I have time for me.
After lunch and a small sofa recreation shall I get to monitor’s main deck and in container loading, that the containers are properly. The Second understands this work order also not entirely and dismiss me for an hour on my room. A gangway was this time not possible. Here no shore leave passports are issued.
The predicted departure time was changed from 17:00 to 16 o’clock. For once in the other direction.
In the evening during landing maneuvers is to be considered all that they are clearly tired. But us it’s even better than the sister ship that was yesterday in Busan next to us. The have five ports in three days behind. I ask myself whether there on board or can think of a clear.


Wednesday Morning, the standard program. Then there is a special order with the A / B to do. The wipers on the bridge are not working properly and must be checked. With Gurtsicherung thus it goes all the way up and „lubricate and anoint“ next spacers still attached. The main reason why I should cooperate here is the fact that unlike the rest I need no ladder to loosen the screws.
In the course of the morning then the good news is that this afternoon is necessary to work only until three o’clock. Short was the joy, because after lunch followed by disappointment. However, until 17 o’clock. As I do not motivate employees. Thus, in the afternoon, together with the other O / S all the rubber seals on the doors smeared with Vaseline.
After dinner is anchored, as we night not be mooring in Shanghai at the wharf today. So we set sail long before Shanghai, as the last time also, with one or the other ship in the vicinity and in between fishing boats.
Like almost every night is today seen a movie. As always, it is usually a sprinkling passing therebetween with lots of conversations and passing. There are then also how often a few treats from the kitchen. Everything in the next room (the officer canteen) is no longer desired or otherwise somehow remained.And there are soju from Korea. A rice wine from Korea. A brand which is the best selling alcohol brand in the world, far ahead of Smirnoff vodka or anything else.


Saturday. We were supposed to be moored at the wharf in night Shanghai today. The current message for the day is that is thinned at 12 o’clock the anchor. As are approximately 190 m anchor chain (7 „chacol“ 1 chacol = 90 feet) finally thinned waiting is back in fashion. Eventually, the pilot comes at 14 o’clock on board and around 19:30 we start preparations for the application.
How full the container port is at the exactly measured berth which is intended for us, obviously. Even the captain said on the radio that is a close thing. A lot of space will not stay for the next ships, front and rear. So is always given on radio by two positions, how many meters are still distance.
Shall be notified to the radio on the quarterdeck that the distance increases to the next ship, with us on the front deck also. This would theoretically an upsetting of the vessel in the middle of the episode. Somehow is definitely back and forth a few feet square and we can fix that. The Second then said still, he could estimate the distances so bad, so a bit extra.
The men from the hard power Ruppe ashore are here represented with eight men and very cleverly and quickly, it comes to dealing with the ropes. Thus, everything goes very fast. At 12 ° C degrees, we then moored finally at 20 o’clock. Even the throwing line to the basket, close the front lower deck space and then that was it.
Then another drives the garbage boat on the river side along. We take the (almost ordentlichst) separated waste thus to the good-humored men on the great mountain on their garbage ship. When they leave, one of the men about. I raise my hand and wave, it also beckons. Between the men of board and all other land or other ships – the mooring men, the tanker men, the garbage men and other ship – there is hardly any communication, since they are all linguistically can not communicate. So it happens every now and then to a nice little gesture like this, or a dump, which is one of the Container mooring men a ship Men.
And then the shock of the day. Packed backpack for the night and showered tells me the captain that there is no country passes, as we put this back in the morning. Happy too early.
Four cargo cranes are active in order to load and unload the ship as soon as possible. Among the hatches, the containers are again stacked six times. The hatches are To get this in the ports always hoisted the container cranes ashore.With Verladegeräuschen in the background so I spend a night in the port of Shanghai. Low cost.


11:01. – 22:01, on the container ship -. South china sea III

Sunday. Actually it was planned that today is a relaxed Sunday. Without work.Thereupon’ve also had the other happy, because for the week was still a lot more demanding than for me. By late mooring in Shanghai at the wharf but it has cluttered the entire exit plan.
Knowing that there I am in the morning starts sometime but no less surprised when already wakes me at 6:45 am one of the men – „standby“. Sure thing.
Outside is the Bosun since 6 o’clock monitors who enters and leaves all the ship.When I, the number of container transport vehicles look me ashore, still driving all successively under the gantries, I can not imagine that it starts in the next few minutes I. So I stay with the Bosun and tell a bit to level not to stand alone at 10 ° C on the front deck. Munter be loaded containers on the ship, no trace of departure. First of breakfast. Since the deep fryer is not the German dearest friend I have now completely converted to cereal. Even rich your supplies.
Then it goes on’s front deck and in relation to the 220 m length of the ship can certainly say that we are moving with millimeter precision from the „parking space“. No 10 m square to the next ship. Two tugboats tow us, a third party has made in the middle for stability.
In warm winter sun and heavy smog we go beyond the as always sandy-brown turbid Yangtze River from Shanghai. Then we have to wait and it follows the next change. A large ship with 57 m width is located in the fairway. As we are well loaded and the Tide is not particularly deep, we are dependent on the drive in the fairway. Since the width of the fairway but covered only 80 m and our ship has already 30 m both do not fit together. The smaller one has soft and so we moored alongside the fairway. A tug pushes us out of the fairway, supported by the bow thruster.

Even the Chief is on the foredeck. Again, the usual procedure. In close coordination with the bridge piece by piece anchor chain is lowered into the water. Accompanied by a loud roar and rust dust. When I mean the pure walking that here lying around a few poles, says the O / S, the captain has told us to go in, then we do now. With its deliberately placed serious face.
Just before the locker room I ask the O / S what are they for tons, the left and right side of our ship in the water. Fishing nets ,? Yes, probably.
Because straight is anyway coffee break we go into the lounge. Just brewed tea to end the Bosun comes in with a slightly strenuous face and gives us to understand that we have to get out. Fast. As so often speak Filipinos mostly among themselves in Tagalog. I then read mostly from the movement, which is present now and the one or the other then translated a shortened version. We are surprisingly directly above the fishing net, which is not approved of.Therefore, the anchor chain to be drawn in one piece.
And then check again all the containers, the excess iron bars store (this time there are dozens, even the little ones are certainly six or seven kilograms) and put everything firmly.
Soon after lunch, we again out. Some containers are to be reinforced. With four of the handy five-meter iron rods, certainly good. 10 – 12 kg hard
Then we wait for the front deck can be to the anchor lifted. Even that runs in the length. The boat turns almost 180 ° C degrees to lie in the direction of travel.The windlass strives visible and audible to pull the anchor piece by piece from the water. Against 15:00 we are then ready. Catch up on sleep.
Hardly awake it knocks again – put the pilot ladder ready seek again and then the anchor seaworthy (anchor backup, extra steel cable mount) make. That’s it.A pleasant Sunday to 18 pm.
It rocks not so we can rush with going fast and without much resistance towards Jakarta.


Monday. The last full working week on breaks. The standard program in the morning supplements cleanse handrails and bring the mats out. Changing tasks are the finishing touch of each job description.
The morning coffee break I spend today as well as frequently else in the cabin.Alternatively, I am with the other in the lounge. Time makes a movie and it is spoken or only spoken.
Then we cleaned the deck, and the transitions between the containers. With freshwater everything is hosed.
Nap and then back out into the fresh air. It is about 15 ° C degrees warm, very pleasant, slightly cloudy and the sea relatively calm. Now and again another cargo ship on the horizon and how ever many fishing boats.
We continue clean the deck. With the left / right movement of the ship that has something a little abstruse per se, because it is logically impossible to arrive against the tendency of the vessel, with the water jet. Somehow it works, so more or less, and the ship is cleaner than before in any case.
There is still time, and thus we have to wait until the clock rotates faster and the Bosun from front deck is back. Since the O / S uses the time and tells of the waves, who can already hit the deck. Once had a wave of two sailors who had just lashed container (as we always do that, he says that) brought from the deck.One could hold on to the railing outside still, the other it has pulled out to sea.The next wave has to be brought back with back and he clung to the other.Somehow they managed it back on deck. Another time, hit a wave on the forecastle, two of the sailors blew it and broken a few bones.
Nearly 17 AM. Done for today.
Since the early afternoon of the „Crazy Horse“ mode is active again. Steadily more rolls the ship from right to left. At dinner, the curtains go all by itself and again. I ask the O / S, whether he has problems with the swings and how it manifests itself. Really bad it is not. It’s just hard, a bit like mountain climbing, he says, so he is usually tired.
So it is then again stow everything can move and sit firmly on the chair in the room, when typing at a desk. The ship creaks again clearly audible. A plastic bottle falls over and rolls merrily around the room. The 18 kg of water bottles box also moves of its own accord.


Tuesday. An extremely exhausting night is behind me. The Schaukelei has the good night’s sleep is not necessarily a positive contribution. All are a little tired this morning. It follows the standard program. Then clean the upper outside decks and the exterior of the bridge with fresh water and remove the dirty water.A little difficult to understand, because the ship clearly lays on both sides. So it has something curious in itself, because it either runs after the water or trying to stop it. Also, the O / S looks at herself merry moving mass of water on the deck, shaking his head slightly. After lunch comes even heavy rain and strong wind it.Now it will be meaningless.
The filters also other fixed and so there is a new job – „doors“ or lubricate Scots.And I ask the O / S as for the A / B is. This works by „commendation“. He would have also been able to make a couple of times, are available also in 400 USD more. But the job is more strenuous and you sleep even less.
The evening is already close because the Bosun comes with red head and says there is still to do a new job. The floor of the office of the captain is to be thoroughly cleaned and then waxed or newly sealed. Although I do not speak Tagalog I understand some of the bad words which are in fact taken from Spanish. So we took the first swing until shortly before 18:00 before finished, after dinner then the second round. After film and beer Bosun completed the third round.
It’s tonight fortunately less schauklig so a restful night awaits.


Wednesday. If nothing happens more new, then the day like today. In the morning the standard program, once all the gears and the Chief Master Cleanse Office. After the garbage room and then out to the Bosun. Then we have oiled all day ventilation flaps and greased and lubricated the rubber seals with Vaseline.And as the weather was so nice – mild 20 ° C degrees, partly cloudy and calm, deep blue sea – we were allowed to work for some reason to 18 PM. But were all A / B on deck. The highlights in between were the coffee breaks and lunch, including naps. During the breaks, I’ll usually asked if I already counting the days and who my successor. The latter have now found out otherwise, I did not know already.
The captain has the good weather also used and made a small tour of the ship.He grinned as always a little when he saw me.
The chef and Messman keep the mood with which one or other side dishes high.So there are times small, fresh bread, a kind of sweet buttons ( „star bread“) or filled with vegetables dumplings (Philippine court).


Thursday. The other O / S has today adopted the standard program. I must continue to provide ventilation flaps, tighten container metal thread and even paint a little with continued good weather and relatively calm waves and resulting rocking. That was the day.
The evening are this week very „sailor-heavy“ – two films and a couple of beers.


Friday. Today again the standard program in the morning. Then it goes out.What makes me work a little hard now is the endlessness, but also the Nichtnachvollziehbarkeit. For example, clean the deck. Only the small soot pieces (several millimeters to the size of coarse grains of salt) are large swept and hosed the whole deck with several hundred liters of fresh water. After the break, the first carbon black pieces are back and grease on the green cover in Schlieren. Why and at sea it is allowed to burn something small pieces of coal leaves is also difficult to understand.
And the eternal strike. This, the metal thread put the workers of the country, the lashing the containers do not move smoothly on the deck, is understood a part of itself. On the other hand thus rusting, rust, priming and painting is an eternal chipped paint, secured. Shades producer it would be (a apropos colors – the Bosun said that she once had 2,000 l mixed color In a storm it has the color space by mixed.).
It Rock Again powerful legs wide standing and walking is necessary to have support. So the instruction is then output that we are undertaking work indoors directly after the break. It is looking for a job and found – clean walls, clean the sick room thoroughly cleaned and some electrical switch rooms. And slow. This is the work for the whole day …..
It was felt the longest day.
In the evening I sit in front of a Project Management Manual as it knocks. Tasks are now really no more. Open up, I must nevertheless definitely. The Bosun, satisfied grin with an aluminum bottle Danzka, Danish vodka, is coming. I follow the contented face a chapter later in the lounge. There, the usual image. The Bosun, an A / B, which Messman, the Cook and German. It run movies and the way the vodka is emptied. As the latest version of Dracula then is finished we talk yet. About the rise of Asia, the work on board as the only chance to really make money and Europe. They say that if they work at sea, only a „sacrifice, if they work at home, the whole family has to sacrifice. The „Medical“ (medical test for seaworthiness) decides ultimately how long someone can operate at sea.One on board is 56 years old and has 30 years at sea. When they stop, there is a pension of about 200-300 US dollars.
One used to work for seven years for a Greek company. From the time still comes wisdom „Trust the devil, but do not trust the Greece“.
Once was not paying attention. THD, because of good vodka is on the floor. The ship starts today merrily all night long. Again and again you have to straighten in the chair.


Saturday. The sea is very calm and so can be carried out today. Thus, it does not begin the day with the standard program, but with a new work. The louvers of the CO 2 chamber (extinguishing agent for including the engine room) must be painted rusted and new. This is work for the Schaschlikstabrotierer. Then all ventilation flaps are opened to the lower deck container spaces and installed the „piracy“. And it is collected everything which brings in money.
I had already expected and so meet me, not surprisingly, the message that again Security Watch rises early from an am tomorrow on the program.
Afternoon is again a „Safety boat drill“ – how do I solve the lifeboat, where everything was and so on.
Somehow was even a BBQ for the day in the room. It was somehow nothing, but there is very good food and a bottle of whiskey and some beer will be donated to the team. Of course, running movies. And it is talked.
The Second thinks at some point to all that they should speak English but since I do not understand. Silence, then two sets of English and the next answers again in Tagalog. They all laugh and talk blithely.


On Sunday morning at 0:10 the „buzzer“ humming on the wall. Somehow nobody wanted last night to decide when I then have to be woken up right now, so we have agreed on the „buzzer“. The clock has been back one hour, because we have reached the time zone of Jakarta. Since the other O / S 21:00 to 1:00 this service, it would be unfair to give him the extra hour time difference.Therefore, this is between the two services, which are in the night divided. Every half an hour to do so. Thus I go for a short rice breakfast on the bridge, staring at the water. It’s very dark tonight, no moon and no stars, because the sky is mostly cloudy. The Second is service and so it bothers no, if you look at times inspired or relies on the railing. We chat a bit, otherwise rigid and keep your eyes open.
At 4:00 pm the coming of the Master Chief and triggers the Second as always from. The Chief said that his sister for over 12 years lives in Neunkirchen Saarbrücken and works. I shall shortly before five o’clock to go already.
The morning is characterized by sleep, as much as just going for the next night shift is safe. We also come Monday morning about six o’clock in Jakarta on what predicts little sleep in the morning.
Film, blog, pictures. After dinner, there is a knock back. The Bosun, this time without vodka. But with good news. No „lookout“ tonight. The pirates have released, on Sunday evening.


Monday morning. At 5:30 PM someone is probably a little overactive and so already someone is at 5:38 PM patting me on the doorstep. „Duty“! With pleasure. Directions to Jakarta. At least it’s warm outside, on the foredeck. We prepare the pilot ladder and somehow all ask if the pilot is actually already up so early. If it is not, of course, and so it goes only once a coffee drink. After that is prepared on the front deck and all we are waiting for the pilot. The first pilot boat drives past us. The harbor entrance is approaching and so is then during the next pilot boat already is already in sight, heard on radio „If this is not ours we have a problem“. It is our and the pilot, who has not anything else lifejacket still with him, climbs the ladder and rushes to the bridge. It is now half past seven.
Then all sorts of work done until I have the afternoon free. While I leave the ship Shopping desires are still given. Of course, new films and for a ten-dollar bill please Ritter Sport chocolate for the Chief.
The reason then follows the same as last time. By motorbike taxi to the hostel – one recognizes me. Then shopping, a fast-paced motorcycle ride take me home.Still a little walk through town and dinner at the ex-boxer.
The traffic is as always a bit chaotic, but fortunately it rained, so the dust is not mud and swirling through the air. To integrate one or the other car in the flow of traffic, there are men, who wave them in the flow of traffic. But then „Klimpergeld“ or a fag is passed out of the window. A coin 500 rupees equivalent to about € 0.04.


On Tuesday morning, it goes back quite early by taxi to the port. There accumulates on the last meters of the road and so I dismiss the taxi driver early, visibly delighted. Equally puzzled the traffic policeman who tames the chaos when I move between the cars and trucks on the road.
Back on the ship, the standard program added to the bridge. Only in the afternoon we go to prepare for the deposition. „Batavia 1“ draws us from the quay. Barely out of the harbor entrance out begins a violent downpour. The visibility is not 50 meters and so please delegate the Bosun, continue to keep on the front deck out whether us any of the small fishing boats in its path. We are all completely soaked now and enjoy the Bosun together the views of the pounding rain.

In addition to the significant two ethnic groups – the Slavs and the Philippines – there are three languages on the ship. So each domestic language is spoken and English together. This allows each „internal“ communication, by radio, in which case each of the other part understands nothing.

Then again open sea. With unobstructed views of the sea, as no containers are stacked in front of my car.
After dinner, while just „Pompei“ running, calls the Chief and outputs the happy news that morning at 1:00 AM Piratenausguck is announced early again ,


Wednesday. Again, words from 1 to 5 am staring at the water. But this night passes. In the morning I can sleep and the work begins after lunch. It is worked out. The hoses for the pirates assurance are to collect and distribute all lifebelts and fire hoses again. The day passes.
A few statements beers with all, Naturally films.


Thursday. It is like everywhere worked until recently. And so it is this morning at one o’clock in the morning vigil on the bridge at. With a grin on his face that this is the last, time goes by correspondingly fast. Although absolutely nothing happened. It is pitch dark and barely ships go. Radio messages such as „how many your course“ ensure there fatigue underpinned for a short amusement.Eventually we crossed a ship from starboard and should of way. The 2nd radioed to the ship in order to clarify how the two ships to pass. It logs a woman’s voice. We agree that this is a maximum of mid 20th There are some language difficulties and so the 2nd asks about nationality. After that, silence, in the truest sense of the word. The other ship makes an arc around us – contrary to international rules, but these are not always known in Asia, says the 2nd. It continues. To show how one formerly at sea en route, the 2nd on short times from the two radars and the electronic card. A few meters outside view and nothing else.
At four o’clock triggers as always the Chief of the 2nd from and at five o’clock I redeem me.
Actually I had six hours sleep time, but already at 10:30 it knocks again. For Captain money pick (the last pay is paid in cash) and at 11:00 again the standard program. This was the penultimate work. The last is the mooring maneuver in Singapore. Until then I unpack and enjoy again the views of the bridge, where already the 2nd since 12 o’clock has again service.
For almost 30 ° C degrees and about 80% humidity, we go to the port of Singapore, with a magnificent view on the skyline of the city.
the original plan was that we leave immediately after the arrival of the ship. One from the engine room, the captain and I. But the flights were postponed and so the pickup is from 22:30. That would be another five hours waiting on the ship.Not for me. The local agent offers me to take me to the nearest subway stop, as I assume thanks.
When the customs officer that I can convince you that I can stay against the normal default seven days Singapore, then a few minutes intensively my luggage checked. There must be no cigarettes and no alcohol be taken. My flashlight can I tell if I have a knife and my medication. My backpack Tramper finds the officers very convenient and after a friendly chat I may pack everything again. That was it definitively. The very friendly agent brings me then to the nearest metro.

That’s it. „Mark, this is our life“, the O / S repeatedly said. And „tomorrow again“ which aptly describes the endless wheel, in which one moves as a sailor. So it is life at sea, at least one variant.
Worldwide, there are about 1.2 million seafarers (approximately 0.02% of the world population, Stand 2014: 7.24 billion).