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Hong Kong. Working in a startup. Interesting thing …

Again in Hong Kong. What happens next is still open.

Just in Busan. The ride on the container ship runs until the end of January. Then the blog is updated again. All the best on the high seas and in ports.

11.16.2014: Anniversary. The last few days in Hong Kong have begun. Two more days Logistics Conference and then we go to Singapore.

10/26/2014: Still Hong Kong – by mid-November. Then it goes to Singapore and the container ship through the East and South China Sea.

07/17/2014: Typhoon Warning Level 1, Level 3 may: storm with heavy rain. No danger, rocking only much …

05/07/2014: feed on the houseboat in Aberdeen, Hong Kong Iceland

06/22/2014: Since the beginning of June is now in Hong Kong. A stark contrast to the last few months, but no less exciting.

05/23/2014: Still Saigon. Next week it goes on to Hong Kong.

04/29/2014: Saigon. An interesting trip on the Mekong brought me here. Now seen how it goes.

13.04.2014: That’s it Pursat. The next week is a few days in the jungle and then across the Mekong to Phnom Penh.

04/04/2014: Cruise Part 1 is released – at 26.04. it goes with the cargo ship to Saigon.Or even further.

03/08/2014: Over the weekend, I am again in Siem Reap / Angkor Wat. Enjoy a little city life. 02/26/2014: Since Sunday, I’m 10 km outside of Pursat, in southeastern Cambodia. Here I will stay until the end of March only once. A social project that I will take care of different forms of educational support in recent years financially. Now I see what I can help spot here.
01/02/2014: On the way to Myanmar.

01/24/2014: Well back from the height and the sun and wildlife in the south it goes today to Darjeeling, India. From there on to Calcutta.

01/07/2014: I am currently in Nepal. After a day “habit” in Kathmandu it goes tomorrow for about 9 days to the hinterland – Jomoson, Kagbeni and Muktinath.

11.16.2013: Here we go – read more in the next few days, when the first few thousand kilometers of railway laid Back Route.

Once travel around the world …